This Saturday is the first Turkey Shoot in the series generously sponsored by Tower Insurance.

25 OCTOBER 2014


32 stableford points is rarely something to get excited about, but that was all Gerry Ganly (14) needed to win the Permanent Bank International sponsored Green Keepers Benefit competition in the challenging conditions at Castletown.

Ganly lost two balls in the sea and one in the undergrowth on the first six holes of an eventful front nine where he accumulated 12 points from six nett pars. However, with putts dropping in from all angles Ganly added a splendid 20 points on the all important back nine which included four gross pars and four nett pars.

Coming second on countback consistent Kyle McConnell (13) scored 18 of his 32 points over the last nine holes. All four of his double bogeys coincided with shot holes so McConnell had the distinction of being one of only three players to score points on every hole.

Unerringly finding every fairway, third placed John Newson (5) finished with five straight pars for 31 points and third place on countback. With just five nett bogeys Newson was the second player to complete the course without a blemish.

Practice paid off for Stephen Keegan (4) who braved the elements most days this past week. His 31 points earned him the category 1/2 prize and included a rare, and therefore lucrative, two on the 13th. Unfortunately, he joined 49 others in failing to finish the 6th which is aptly named “The Ruins”.

Dave Allan (13) was the category 3/4 winner with 31 points in an oscillating round where three sevens, a birdie and an N/R were interspersed with pars, nett pars and the odd nil pointer. Steven Boyd (1) was the final player to score on every hole but his 30 points for sixth place won him no prizes. Conversely, our president Dave Bell (22), nursing a ‘niggley’ knee, came seventh and his 30 points included three N/Rs, but his dogged determination deservedly secured the senior’s section.

The first of the Tower Insurance sponsored Turkey Shoot series begins this weekend and I take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors as their generous support is much appreciated.



18 OCTOBER 2014


Mark Reynolds (24) won the rescheduled IOM Hearing Solutions sponsored Syd Ashworth Trophy played for the first time ever off the yellow tees at Castletown. Even so, because it was blowing a hoolie the course was more than a match for most of the field and only three players could meet or beat their handicap.

Reynolds hits the ball a country mile and aided by the wicked wind he reduced the Road Hole to a driver and a 9 iron for a nett eagle four pointer. Better still, Reynolds drained a sixteen foot birdie putt on the par five 7th, which converted into a fantastic five pointer albatross. Despite a sinful seven on the 9th Reynolds turned with 20 points and added 19 more with a steady back nine which included three nett birdies and four nett pars.

Second placed Doug Ross (17) won’t have known that he was the clubhouse leader with just one hole to go. However, after eight pars, five nett pars and just four nett bogeys Ross realised that his cumulative 38 points must have put him in with a chance. Regretfully, a nervy triple bogey finish cost him the cup.

Chris Lee (12) birdied the 3rd, impressively parred half the holes and had nett pars on four others. Failing to finish the Road Hole and troubles holing out on the final two par threes restricted Lee’s score to 36 points and third place.

Phil Games (14) pipped Richard Wild (17) to the category 3/4 prize. They both posted 34 points but by birdying the 12th and finishing par, par Games had the superior back nine. Last week’s second place winner, Peter Miller (12), continued his rich vein of form by taking the category 1/2 prize with 33 points and took a share of the two’s pot with his accuracy on the 13th. Julian White (25) motored in to take the senior’s section with 32 points from sixteen scoring holes.

This Saturday Permanent Bank International sponsors the Green Keepers Benefit stableford competition and there will be a shotgun start either side of the lunchtime prize presentation.



11 October 2014

Last Saturday was the Simcocks stableford, played in calm summery conditions. Producing low scoring and a CSS of 72.

Taking the seniors prize for the second time in recent weeks was John Dean(22). Deans two 9's of 19 points secured the win with 38pts.

Category 3/4 was won by Doug Ross(18), with 40pts. An impressive round scoring on every hole, with an inward nine of 21pts. A double bogey on the last was the only blemish costing Ross a place in the top 3.

Julian Sutton(1) took the Category 1/2 prize with a gross 70, 39pts. 4 birdies on the front 9 were added to on the 18th. Securing the win on the back 9 from Simon Willoughby(12).

Third place with 41pts was Chris Dunn(15). With nine 3pts and a 4pt Dunn could have expected to win, but low scoring left him in 3rd.

Late starter Peter Miller(14) posted a very steady 42pts. Nines of 20 & 22pts looked to have Miller coming out on top. Miller scored on every hole with six 3pts. Spoiling Millers party was Rodney Jackson(10). Jackson came in with 43pts, also scoring 2 or more on every hole. Five 3pts & one 4pt took Jackson to a gross 75 and first place.

Th WA Kirkpatrick final, sponsored by Miss Irene Pugh , was played on Sunday. Lewis Howland(6) won 4&3 against Jack Yardley(12). The previous Sunday the 4BBB final was won by Skelton & Gerrard 4&2 over Robertson & McConnell.

David McGuinness

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Dear Members of Castletown Golf Club Limited

It is an exciting time at Castletown. We now operate a mixed club under a Company banner and this year we will host the Isle of Man Men’s Golf Championship and the Willie Kirkpatrick 2 round competition, the latter event being sponsored by Miss Irene Pugh and Manx Petroleums. Let us hope we will see Castletown members winning these prestigious events, as well as retaining the IOM Scratch league.

We have settled in to our magnificent new clubhouse, where we are now able to host all our social events and tremendous work continues to be carried out by our hard working green keepers to improve our course. Few can argue that it is the finest on the Island. We are all very grateful to Philip  Vermuelen and his family for their continued drive and enthusiasm to make our course achieve a higher ranking in Britain

I thank Past President Jack Yardley and Past Captain Barry Watts for all their hard work and endeavours on behalf of the club during their terms of office.

I look forward to working closely with our new President Dave Bell, our Lady Captain Louna Vermuelen, my excellent Men’s committee and Louna’s Ladies Committee to give us all great golf, good company, and a lot of happy memories of 2014 down here at Castletown

Geoff Karran

Chairman of Directors


Please post any Comments/Suggestions and Details* (*to add to our data base of Members)



Details of 2013 memberships and fees etc. can be found in the PDF documents enclosed (click on image)...
DetailsFees schedule 2014  
AppForms 2014 Both sections_  

Sponsors listed below have kindly offered to sponsor our competitions

Brian Graham
Capital International
Canaccord Genuity
Cubbin & Bregazzi
Equilibrium Pensions
Harding Lewis Limited
Heritage Homes
Kreston IOM
Nedbank Private Wealth
Permanent Bank International

Quiggin and Cubbon
Ramsey Crookall & Co Ltd
Riley's Garden Centre
Rossborough Insurance
SMP Partners
Thomas Miller
Thornton Associates
Tower Insurance

Date Event Result
5th 2 Man Texas   1st. J.Kelly/W.Laughlin (52.7)
2nd.A.Halsall/B.Humbles (52.9)
3rd D.Quayle/S.Skelton (52.9)
4th. A.Davies/M.Grace (53.1)
12th 4 Man-AM AM   1st. D.Moore/P.Cox/R.Wild/R.Maudsley (81)
2nd. D.Callister/J.Wylde/R.Dennett/F,Dougherty (81)
19th Individual   1st. G.Bradley (36)
2nd.A.McAuley (36)
3rd. J.Newson (36)
4th. F.Gray (34)
26th 4 Man Texas   1st. G.Murray/R.Byrne/M.Teare/W.Hare (55.6)
2nd. A.Halsall/J.Linehan/T.Ashcroft/M.Derbyshire (56.6)
Date Event   Result
2nd FBBB(Medford)   1st.F.Doherty/D.Callister (8)
2nd.W.Hare/M.Teare (8)
3rd. A.Challenor/S.Keegan (9)
4th. D.Humbles/M.Kenyon (10)
9th Individual(qualifier)  

1st. I.Quine (43)
2nd. R.Noon (42)
3rd. J.Sutton (41)
Cat 1/2 J.Byrne (40).
Cat 3/4 L.Black (40)
Senior. K.Fleming (39)

16th 4 Man-AM AM   1st. G.Harris/P.Games/R.Braide/L.Long (96)
2nd. D.Callister/F.Dogherty/Lord Gort/R.Dennett (94)

23rd 2 Man Texas   1st. R.Dennett/S.Campbell (59.2)
2nd. I.Quine/D.Laughlin (59.3)
3rd J.Suton/T.Mackay (59.9)
4th A.Harding/S.Braun (60.4)
Date Event Result
2nd Individual(qualifier)   1st. I.Quine (43)
2nd. R.Noon (42)
3rd. T.Ashcroft (41)
Cat 1/2 M.Teare (39)
Cat 3/4 M.Skelding (40)
Senior K.Fleming (38)
9th FBBB(Medford)   1st D.Humbles/B.Humbles(11)
2nd A.McCullock/A.Dent (11)
3rd. S.Zybert/T.MacKay (12)
4th. S.McGowan/J.Webster (13)
16th 4 Man-AM AM   1st. J.Yardley/D.Allen/L.Long/R.Braide (90)
2nd. J.Linehan/D.Humbles/S.McGowan/P.Eckersley (90)
23rd Posponed till 30th  


30th Captain's Drive-In-
8.00am: morning shotgun
12.00pm (or 12.15pm): presentation of winter competition prizes
12.45pm: Captain's Drive In
1.15pm: afternoon shotgun

1st. D.Moore (40)
2nd. Lord Gort (39)
3rd. M.Teare (38)
Cat 1/2 H.Loubser (38)
Cat 3/4 H.Stembridge (380
Senior E.Shallcross (35)

SS 73


Date Event Result
6th SMP Partners Monthly Medal

1st. S.Zybert (70)
2nd. G.Sugden (71)
3rd. D.Donald (72)
Gross D.Callister (75)
Cat 2 M.Todd (73)
Cat 3/4 C.Kelly (73)
Senior F.Preece (73)

Aon Trophy (St)

  1st. J.Byrne (41)
2nd. S.Boyd (39)
3rd. D.Callister (38)
Cat 1/2 H.Loubster (38)
Cat 3/4 L.Howland (37)
Senior K.Fleming (34)
20th London Pride EGU Gold Medal Qualifier
  1st. D.Allen (69)
2nd. R.Quine (71)
3rd. R.Clague (71)
Gross. D.Sutton (74)
Cat 2 M.Cairney (73)
Cat 3/4 C.Kelly (74)
Senior M.Manuja (76)
27th Equilibrium Pensions.(St)
Shotgun - 8.15./1.15
Presentation at 12.30
  1st. A.Dent (41)
2nd. R.Ball (41)
3rd. J.Yardley (39)
Cat 1/2 T.Cassidy (39)
Cat 3/4 R.Clague (38)
Senior B.Graham (36)


Date Event Result

SMP Partners Monthly Medal

  1st. W.Laughlin (68)
2nd. D.Williams (68)
3rd. R.Quine (68)
Gross J.Sutton (74)
Cat 2 D.Price (70)
Cat 3/4 F.Gray (71)
Senior J.Webster (74)
6th Bank Holiday Competition
Cat 1/2
Cat 3/4
11th Kreston IOM (St)
  1st. Iain Quine (38)
2nd. Andrew Davies (38)
3rd. Ross Byrne (36)
Cat 1/2 Andy Dent (36)
Cat 3/4 Anderson Whamond (36)
Senior Fred Gray (29)
19th Thornton Associates - (blue tees)
  1st. Peter Purcell (72)
2nd. Steven Boyd (72)
3rd. Stu Campbell (73)

Cat 1
Cat 2
Cat 3/4

25th Equilibrium Pensions.(St)
  1st. John Newson (42)
2nd. Fergal McKenna (42)
3rd. Paul Cox (41)
Cat 1/2 Michael Williams (41)
Cat 3/4 Keith Fleming (40)
Senior John Webster (36)
27th IOM Bank Holiday Comp


Date Event Result
1st SMP Partners Monthly Medal
(SS 73)
  1st. P.J.Vermeulen (67)
2nd. N.Caine (69)
3rd. G.Murray 969)
Cat 1 G.Bradley (69)
Cat 2 K.Chesterson (69)
Cat 3/4 F.Gray (69)
Senior J.Webster (80)
8th Riley's Garden Centre (St)
  1st. P.Cox (38)
2nd. G.Pickard (37)
3rd. S.Skelton (37)
Cat 1/ 2 N.Caine (37)
Cat 3/4 R.Byrne (36)
Senior A.Harding (34)
15th Captain's Day 2013   1st. A Byrne & A Osborne (45)
2nd.G Murray & Connolly (43)
3rd. C Ross & J Stevens (42)

22nd Cubbin & Bregazzi
(SS 75)
  1st. J.Byrne (35)
2nd. D.Quayle (35)
3rd. C.Magee (35)
Cat 1/2 W.Hare (35)
Cat 3/4C.Kelly (32)
Senior A.Marshall (32)
29th Start of Golf Week
Capital International Castletown Cup (stroke play)
  1st. S.Boyd (71)
2nd. D.Sutton (71)
3rd. A.Halsall (71)
4th. G.Bradley (71)
Gross S.Boyd (73)
Nearest Pin D.Sutton
30th 4Man AM-AM  

1st   P J Vermeulen /Neil Harris/Louna Vermeulen/Loni Vermeulen--89
2nd    Jack Yardley/Phil Unsworth/Dave Morgan/Phil Lee --88
3rd  Angus Alexander /Peter Purcell /Mark Jones/John Byrne--87
Nearest the Pin:       John Byrne


Date Event Result
1st Nedbank Private Wealth
Indv. Stableford
  1st. Lord Gort (39)
2nd.Jeremy Frost (38)
3rd.Lindan Keegan (37)
4th. M Wilshaw
Best Junior: Paddy Milton
Nearest the Pin: Lee Coxon
2nd Thomas Miller 4 Person Texas Scramble  

1st. John Byrne, Mark Jones, Peter Purcell and Terry Ditchfield (59.35)
2nd.Malcolm Lambert, Stuart Brawn, Alan Harding and Bob Taylor (59.45)

3rd Richard Connolly, John Newson, Guy Murray and Steven Boyd (59.65)

Nearest the Pin: David Campbell
3rd Ramsey Crookall Individual Stableford   1st. David Quayle (39)
2nd.Colin C Magee (39)
3rd. Tom Gandy (38)
4th. Loni Vermeulen

Nearest the Pin: Paul Keeley
4th Canaccord Genuity 2 Person Texas Scramble   1st.Lewis Howland & Darren Howland (63.8)
2nd.David Laughlin & Kenny Chesterton (64.0)
3rd Dennis Moore & Mike Everitt (64.6)
4th John Newson & Mark Teare
Nearest the Pin: Andrew Gerrard
5th Permanent Bank Int. FBBB   1st.John Newson & Simon Murray (42))
2nd.Lewis Howland & Darren Howland (41)
3rd John Byrne & Mark Jones(40)
4th Robert & Mair Gardner (40)
Nearest the Pin: Dennis Moore
6th SMP Partners Monthly Medal   1st. Charlie Ross (68)
2nd. Lewis Howland (70)
3rd. Mike Charmer (71)

Best Gross: Dave Sutton ((74)
Cat 2 David MacGregor (73)
Cat 3/4 Stephen Charmer (75) Senior:Chris B Kelly (77)

13th Rossborough Insurance Stableford
(SS 73)
  1st. T.MacKay (39)
2nd. M.Charmer (38)
3rd. R.Taylor (38)
Cat 1/2 T.Eyre (38)
Cat 3/4 A.Harding (38)
Senior C.Kelly (36)

Presidents Day 2012

  1st. D.Howland (40)
2nd. M.todd (38)
3rd. P.Thomas (38)
Cat 1/2 M.Charmer (38)
Cat 3/4 T.Miles (37)
Senior A.Harding (36)

Equilibrium Pensions.(St)
(SS 72)

  1st. R.MacKenzie (41)
2nd. A.Halsall (40)
3rd. M.Kenyon (39)
Cat 1/2 D.Callister (39)
Cat 3/4 G.Harris (39)
Senior A.Harding (37)


Date Event Result

SMP Partners Monthly Medal

(SS 75)

  1st. S. Murray (71)
2nd. P. Thomas (71)
3rd. S. Campbell (71)

Cat 1 S. Keegan (72)
Cat 2 D. Moore (74)
Cat 3/4 C. Dunn (81)
Senior A. Harding (81)

10th Brian Graham
  1st. S. Zybert (41)
2nd. S Keegan (40)
3rd. S. Jeffers (40)
Cat 1/2 A. Davies (38)
Cat 3/4 M. Derbyshire (38)
Senior K. Fleming (34)
24th Investasure
  1st. D.Moore (41)
2nd. K.Fleming (40)
3rd. G.Ganly (38)
Cat 1/2 M.Gerrard (37)
Cat 3/4 S.Glynn (38)
Senior D.Bell (33)
26th Bank Holiday Comp   1st.
Cat 1/2
Cat 3/4
31st Equilibrium Pensions.(St)
(SS 740
  1st. P.McKenna (38)
2nd. J.Newson (38)
3rd. R.McKenzie 937)
Cat 1/2 S.Kegan (37)
Cat 3/4 J.Lee (37)
Senior F.Gray (31)


Date Event Result
7th SMP Partners Monthly Medal     1st.
Best Gross:

Cat 1/2
Cat 3/4

14th Harding Lewis Ltd Club Championship Round 1

Tom Gandy


Daryl Callister


Jonathan Corke


Neil Caine


Ross Dennett


Andrew Challenor


Colin Crawshaw


Gerald Bradley


Donald Beggs


Julian Sutton


1st. D.Howland(70)
2nd. R.Dennett (71)
3rd. C.Crawshaw (72)
Cat 1 G.Bradley (72)
Cat 2 D.Price (72)
Cat 3/4 D.Humbles (78)
Senior A.Gawne (80)
Yellow Tee...
1st. J.White (39)
2nd P.Thompson (38)
3rd F.Grey (36)
21st Heritige Homes
(SS 73)
  1st. A.Gerrard (39)
2nd. S.Campbell (38)
3rd. G.Power (38)
Cat 1/2 N.Harris (37)
Cat 3/4 K.McConnell (37)
Senior L.Doherty (36)
28th Equilibrium Pensions.(St)
  1st. M.Teare (40)
2nd. K.Chesterson (40)
3rd. S.Jeffers (38)
Cat 1/2 P.Thomas (37)
Cat 3/4 S.Willoughby (36)
Senior J.Lee (36)


Date Event Result
5th Neville Peterson Trophy (St)/
1st. B.Eastham (44)
2nd. J.Kelly (40)
3rd. K.Page (39)
Harding Lewis Ltd Club Championship Round 2

  1st. D.Callister 146(73/73)
2nd. T.Gandy 147 (71/76)
3rd. D.Beggs 150 (77/73)
Nett D.Beggs 144
Nett Round 2
1st. D.Beggs (70)
2nd. A.Halsall (72)
3rd. A.Davies (73)
Cat.1 J.Wylde (73)
Cat.2 D.Allan (73)
Cat3/4 S.Glynn (77)
Senior C.Kelly (77)
12th Simcocks (Medal)
(SS 73)
  1st. B.Humbles (69)
2nd. S.Glynn (69)
3rd. D.Moore (70)
Gross R.Dennett (74)
Cat 2 M.Kenyon (72)
Cat 3/4 D.Litton (73)
Senior D.Bell 975)

Syd Ashworth Trophy (St)

  1st. K. McConnell (41)
2nd. G. Pickard (40)
3rd.D. Quayle (39)
Cat 1/2 L. Long (38)
Cat 3/4 K. Featherstone (37)
Senior J Webster (33)
26th Equilibrium
Green Keepers Benefit

  1st. Julian Sutton (41)
2nd. Lewis Howland (37)
3rd. Mark Sutton (37)
Cat 1/2 Peter Thomas (36)
Cat 3/4 Robert Quine (35)
Senior Stuart Brawn (33)


Date Event Result
2nd Turkey Shoot Am Am   Competition postponed due to inclement weather
9th Turkey Shoot 4 Man Texas   1st.M.Sutton/J.Sutton/J.Wylde/K.Chesterson(55.35)
2nd.D.Morris/R.Byrne/M.Teare/W.Hare (57)
16th Turkey Shoot Modified Am Am  

1st. A.Dent/A.McCulloch/D.Howland/L.Howland(90)
2nd. M.Kinmond/K.Featherstone/K.Mcconnell/P.Robertson

23rd Turkey Shoot 2 Man Texas   1st. S.Boyd/G.Bradley (58.9)
2nd. S.Campbell/D.Callister (59)
3rd. G.Sissons/J.Magee (59.7)
4th. J.Sutton/M.Sutton (60.3)
30th Turkey Shoot Modified Am Am   1st. P.Thomas/C.Reynolds/J.Webster/M.Wickers(88)

Date Event Result
7th Turkey Shoot FourBall Better Ball
  1st. J.Yardley/R.Wild (44)
2nd. A.Challenor/D.Beggs (44)
3rd.A.Harding/S.Brawn (44)
4th. C.Williams/R.Maudsley (44)


Turkey Shoot Modified Am Am   1st.
21st Xmas Shotgun Am Am
(incuding Presentation)
1st. S.Jeffers/M.Lambert/R.Taylor/A.Gawne (50)
2nd.G.Bradley/I.Quine/R.Wild + Joker: A.Gawne (49)



Boxing Day 11 hole Stableford    
28th Turkey Shoot Yellow Ball Am Am  
1st P. Eckersley/J. Webster/D. Humbles/M. Derbyshire
2nd M. Todd/J. Byrne/C.E. Magee/C.C. Magee




  • Date Event Result
    4th Individual Stableford  

    1st G. Bradley  41pts
    2nd M. Teare    40pts
    3rd F. Doherty  39pts

    11th Winter League- Rd.1*, Qualifier
    *Individual Stableford Qualifying, 2 scores from 3.
    Subject to change.

    1st  S. Boyd 38pts
    2nd G. Bradley    37pts
    3rd  R. Creamore 37pts.
    Senior's L. Doherty (34)
    Cat 1/2 M. Teare (36). Cat 3/4 T. Ditchfield (34)

    19th Sunday Stableford   1st   P. Robertson 41pts
    2nd G. Bradley   39pts
    3rd S. Boyd  39pts
    25th 4 Man-AM AM   1st.M.Lambert/F.Thoday/A.Harding/S.Brawn (75)
    2nd. G.Sugden/P.Sugden/J.Magee/A.Jones (73)


    Date Event Result
    1st Individual Medford   Cancelled due to bad weather
    8th FBBB   Cancelled due to bad weather
    15h 15 Hole Stableford   1st F. Doherty  34pts
    2nd S. Boyd 30pts
    3rd J. Byrne 28 pts
    22nd Winter League- Rd.2*, Qualifier
    *Individual Stableford Qualifying, 2 scores from 3.
    Subject to change.

    1st B. Watts   36pts
    2nd K. Paige    32pts
    3rd P. Keeley   32pts
    Cat 1/2 F. Doherty 31 pts
    Cat 3/4 C. Dunn   31 pts
    Best senior A. Harding   31pts


    Date Event Result
    1st Winter League- Rd.3*, Qualifier
    *Individual Stableford Qualifying, 2 scores from 3.
    Subject to change.

    Winter League 2014
    Winner S. Boyd 79pts
    Best Senior M.Everitt 70pts
    Round 3
    1st T. Eyres 39
    2nd J. Magee 38
    3rd S. Skelton 38
    Cat 1/2 S.Boyd 38
    Cat 3/4 M. Kneale 36
    Senior M. Everitt 36

    8th FBBB    

    Captains Drive in, Stableford Qualifier. am-pm Shotgun.


    1st Sam Skelton 41pts
    2nd Mark Skelding 39pts
    3rd Stephen Charmer 39 pts
    Cat 1/2 Steve Jeffers 38 pts
    Cat 3/4  Simon Willoughby 39 pts
    Senior  M.Manuja


    Individual Medal

    Non - Qualifier

      1st Mark Sutton 71
    2nd Alan McCulloch 72
    3rd Julian Sutton 72
    Cat 1/2 Frankie Doherty 73
    Cat 3/4 Ben Humbles 72
    Senior  John Lee 73
    29th Individual Stableford  1st Ben Humbles 39
    2nd Bob Taylor 37
    3rd Mark Skelding 37
    Cat 1/2 Steve McGowan 36
    Cat 3/4 Gerry Ganly 35
    Senior John Lee 34


    Date Event Result
    5th SMP Partners Monthly Medal   Postponed until 19 April 2014
    12th Aon Trophy (Stb)   1st A.Marshall 35
    2nd K.Featherstone 34
    3rd T.Brook 34
    Cat 1/2 M.Todd 33
    Cat 3/4 G.Ferguson 32
    18th Good Friday Competition (see notice board/Pro for details)   1st J. Byrne 40
    2nd R. Corke 39
    3rd R. Connolly 39
    Ladies - Mair Gardner 34
    19th Fuller's London Pride EGU Gold Medal Qualifier/
    SMP Partners Monthly Medal

    1st Michael Charmer 70
    2nd Mike Horsthuis 70
    3rd Charlie Ross 71

    Cat 1 Stephen Boyd 71
    Cat 2 Lewis Howland 71
    Cat 3/4 Dave Humbles 71
    Senior Manny Manuja 73

    21st Easter Monday Competition (see notice board/Pro for details)    
    26th Permanent Bank International(Stb)
    Presentation at 12.30pm
      1st Mike Horsthuis 41
    2nd Anthony Gawne 39
    3rd Michael Kinmond 38
    Cat 1/2 Jon Corke 37
    Cat 3/4 Dave Bell 37
    Senior Chris B Kelly 34


    Date Event Result
    3rd SMP Partners Monthly Medal  

    1st D.Price [68)
    2nd C.Byrne [69]
    3rd A.Halsall [70]
    Gross T.Gandy [69]
    Cat 2 S.Zybert [71]
    Cat 3/4 S.Brawn [70]
    Senior A.Harding [72]

    5th Bank Holiday Competition (see notice board/Pro for details)    
    10th Thornton Associates (Stb)
    - blue tees
      1st John Stevens  39pts
    2nd  Jools Sutton 38pts
    3rd Ross Dennett 38pts 
    Cat1/2 Paul Lowey 37pt
    Cat 3/4  Gerry Ganley 37pts
    Best Senior from white tees Mike Everitt 37pts
    17th Club Competition(Medal)   1st Gerry Ganly[68)
    2nd Stuart Butler [68]
    3rd Richard Corke [69]
    Gross Julian Sutton[73]
    Cat 2 Mark Walker [72]
    Cat 3/4 Chris B Kelly [72]
    Senior Leslie Hopkins[73]
    24th Club Competition(Stb)   1st Robert Braide 41pts
    2nd David Campbell 41pts
    3rd David Price 41pts 
    Cat1/2 Will Halsall 39pt
    Cat 3/4 Jon Clague 36pts
    Best Senior Tony Gawne 36pts
    25th IOMGU WA Kirkpatrick 36 hole   1st Kevin Moore (74 + 70)
    2nd Paul Lowey (72 = 72)
    3rd Jonathan Corke (71 = 76)
    Best Nett 136 : P J Vermeulen (6) with (76 + 72)
    26th IOM Bank Holiday Comp   1st Rob Gillnders 41pts
    2nd Linda Keeganl 38pts
    3rd Karen Farragher 38pts 
    Nearest the Pin - Christina Kelly
    31st Permanent Bank International Presentation at 12.30pm  

    1st Richard Corke 39pts
    2nd Mark Sutton 39pts
    3rd Peter Purcell 39pts 
    Cat1/2 David Price 38pt
    Cat 3/4 Ernie Russell 38pts
    Best Senior Peter Miller 38


    Date Event Result
    8th SMP Partners Monthly Medal   1st M.Teare (68)
    2nd. J.Corke (70)
    3rd M.Lambert (70)
    Seniors D.Bell (78)
    14th Grant Thornton IOM Championship 36 hole Qualifying day    
    15th Club Competition**    
    17th Grant Thornton IOM Championship - last 16    
    18th Grant Thornton IOM Championship - Quarter Finals    
    19th Grant Thornton IOM Championship - Semi Finals    
    21st Grant Thornton IOM Championship Final    
    22nd Club Competition**    
    28th Capital International Castletown Cup (stroke play)   1st Cameron Gray (Royal Wimbledon) 68
    2nd Ross Dennett (68)
    3rd Gerald Bradley (69) 
    4th Andy Dent (69)
    (Next) Best Gross Chris Kneen 71
    29th Sure (Isle of Man) Limited 4 Person Am-Am   1st I Waterhouse/F Evans/E Hestleton/S Williams (97)
    2nd C Skelly/G Lees/ K Featherstone/Loni Vermeulen (92)
    3rd G Ganly/T Cassidy/P Mongan/K Murphy (92) 
    Nearest the Pin: Billy Hare
    30th Nedbank Individual Stableford   1st Paul Cox (43)
    2nd Mike Everitt (42)
    3rd PJ Vermeulen (42) 
    4th Alan McCulloch (41)
    Best Jnr: Fergus Milton (Worcs) Nearest the Pin Mark Kneale


    Date Event Result
    1st Thomas Miller 4 Person Texas Scramble   1st        (56.0) G Harris, N Harris, M Horsthuis and Dawn Killa
    2nd        (57.3) R Mackenzie, J C Frost, D Moore and M Everitt  
    3rd        (57.4) S Zybert, S Skelton, A Gerrard and M Charmer  
    Nearest the Pin: Orry Teare
    2nd IOM Hearing Solutions Seniors Open   1st       (35) Bob Taylor
    2nd        (35) John Webster
    3rd        (32) Stuart Butler
    4th        (32) B Monk
    Nearest the Pin: Leon Van Lier
    3rd Canaccord Genuity 2 Person Texas Scramble   1st        (63.2) Martin Cairney and John Cairney
    2nd        (64.6) David Price and Chris Lee
    3rd        (64.8) Tom Gandy and Stephen Keegan
    4th        (64.8) Emma Harris and Tom Harris
    Nearest the Pin: Elaine Hastleton
    4th Simcocks FBBB  

    1st        (30) S Charmer and Nigel Whitehouse

    2nd        (28) Andy Dent and Alan McCulloch

    5th SMP Partners Monthly Medal  

    1st S.Keegan 73-69
    2nd A. Marshall 93-69
    3rd JJ Moore 76-70
    Gross T Harris 71
    Cat 2 K.Chesterton 76-70
    Cat3/4 W Corlett 84-70
    Senior G.Karran 89-71

    12th Captain's Day  

    1st Geoff Sugden 39pts
    2nd Chris B Kelly 39pts
    3rd Paul Cox 39pts 
    Cat1/2 JJ Moore 39pt
    Cat 3/4 Gordon Drake 37pts
    Best Senior: Stuart Brawn 33pts

    19th Rossborough Insurance   1st Paul Keeley 42pts
    2nd PJ Vermeulen 41pts
    3rd Colin C Magee 40pts 
    Cat1/2 Malcolm Lambert 40pt
    Cat 3/4 Francis Thoday 39pts
    Best Senior Chris B Kelly 37pts
    26th Permanent Bank International Presentation at 12.30pm   1st Steve Glynn 40pts
    2nd David Creane 39pts
    3rd Lewis Long 39pts 
    Cat1/2 Martin Cairney 39pt
    Cat 3/4 Mike Henthorn 39pts
    Best Senior Anthony Hopkins 38pts


    Date Event Result
    2nd SMP Partners Monthly Medal   POSTPONED DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER
    9th Harding Lewis Ltd Club Championship Round 1  

    1st Darren Howland 79-68
    2nd Steven Boyd 71-69
    Best Gross: Tom Harris 71
    3rd Frankie Doherty 78-70
    4th William Halsall 81-71
    5th Sam Skelton 77-72

    SENIOR'S STABLEFORD: Les Doherty 40 points

    16th Brian Graham   1st M Sutton 39
    2nd J Yardley 38
    3rd E Russell 37
    Cat 1/2 D Moore 35
    Cat 3/4 F Thoday 33
    Senior Captain 30

    Mel Todd Hole in One on 8th
    17th Harding Lewis Ltd Club Championship Round 2  


    23rd President's Day  

    1st Dave Allan 38pts
    2nd Paul Keeley38pts
    3rd Kyle McConnell 37pts 
    Cat1/2 Malcolm Lambert 37pt
    Cat 3/4 Brian Eastham 37pts
    Best Senior Geoff Karran 34pts

    Yellow Tees Comp Winner Leon Van Lier

    Ladies Comp Winner Louna Vermeulen

    25th Bank Holiday Competition (see notice board/Pro for details)    
    27th Castletown GCL Sponsors Competition   1st        (92) J Lee, R Clague, A Marshall and R Jackson
    2nd        (90) J Fowlds, G Karran, M Henthorn and E Russell 
    3rd        (89) D Buck, A Townell, S Brawn and M Lambert 
    30th Permanent Bank International Presentation at 12.30pm  

    1st Richard Corke 40pts
    2nd J J Moore 39pts
    3rd Chris Lee 38pts 
    Cat1/2 Ged Power 38pt
    Cat 3/4 Fergal McKenna 37pts
    Best Senior Stuart Brawn 34pts


    Date Event Result
    6th SMP Partners Monthly Medal   1st R.Braide (68)
    2nd J.Ross (69)
    3rd T.Gandy (69)
    Cat1/2 S.Donald (71)
    Cat 3/4 P.Purcell (72)
    Best Senior C.Kelly (74)
    13th Standard Bank
    (Non Qual)
      1st A.Osborne (68)
    2nd S.Willoughby (69)
    3rd D.Callister (70)
    Cat 1/2 A.Alexander (70)
    Cat 3/4 M.Kneale (71)
    Senior P.Miller (74)
    14th MP Partners Monthly Medal(Non Qual)   1st C.Magee(70)
    2nd D.Bell (729)
    3rd R.Dennet (73)
    20th Heritage Homes    
    27th Permanent Bank International Presentation at 12.30pm   1st. C.Ross (41)
    2nd. M.Skelding (38)
    3rd. B.Taylor (37)
    Cat 1/2 M.Todd (37)
    Cat 3/4 F.McKenna (36)
    Senior. G.Ferguson (35)


    Date Event Result
    6th Neville Peterson Trophy, sponsored by Shoprite   1st. A.Gerrard(39)
    2nd. F.Thoday (37)
    3rd. M.Wilkinson (36)
    Cat 1/2 P.Eckersley(36)
    Cat 3/4 D.Bell (36)
    Senior. G.Ferguson (35)

    11th Simcocks   1st.R.Jackson(43)
    2nd. P.Miller(42)
    3rd. C,Dunn (41)
    Cat 1/2 J.Sutton(396)
    Cat 3/4 D.Ross (40)
    Senior. J.Dean (38)
    18th Syd Ashworth Trophy sponsored by IOM Hearing Solutions   1st.Mark Reynolds(39)
    2nd. Doug Ross (38)
    3rd. Chris Lee (36)
    Cat 1/2 Peter Miller (33)
    Cat 3/4 Phil Games(34)
    Senior. Julian White (32)
    25th Permanent Bank Int'l, GK Benefit Presentation at 12.30pm   1st.Gerry Ganly (32)
    2nd. Kyle McConnell (32)
    3rd. John Newson (31)
    Cat 1/2 Stephen Keegan (31)
    Cat 3/4 Dave Allan (31)
    Senior. Dave Bell (30)


    Date Event Result
    1st Turkey Shoot  
    8th Turkey Shoot    
    15th Turkey Shoot    
    22nd Turkey Shoot    
    29th Turkey Shoot    


    Date Event Result
    6th Turkey Shoot (followed by 2011 AGM at 4.30pm)  
    13th Turkey Shoot    
    20th Xmas Shotgun Am Am (inc'l presentation)    
    26th Boxing Day Competition - see notice board    
    27th Club Competition    



The Course

Golf has been played at Castletown since 1892 when Old Tom Morris designed the course. The course in its present form was laid out by golfing legend Mackenzie Ross in the late 20s and early 30s and provides some of the purest links golf anywhere in the British Isles. 
The links has hosted, among other events, the PGA Cup (1979), Europro Tour 2002, Manx Classic Pro Am and the Duke of York Young Champions trophy in 2003 and again in 2005.
The present seventh hole is named the Race Course because, there, a century and a half before the first ever English Derby, the then Earl of Derby  held the first ever Manx Derby over three furlongs. This was also thirty-nine years prior to the Newmarket race, which has been proclaimed to be the oldest horse race in existence

Click on thumbnails for a larger view of hole.

  • Road-hole
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 14th
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 17th--green
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 16th
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 17th-green-view-wide
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 17th-wide
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 3rd-view
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • Road-hole-wide
  • 11th-tee
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 12th
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 3rd-green
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 18th-green
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 4th-hole
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 4th
  • 6th-kwc
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • 8th-hole
    © Photography GolfShots.im
  • Snow-16
    © Photography GolfShots.im

All photographs and selection of other famous courses are available as signed prints.

Please click this link to access prints www.golfshots.im


Committee & Officers


Captain: G.Karran tel;676033:karran@manx.net
David Bell Tel: 834737 (H) 459187 (M) dingdongiom@yahoo.co.uk
Vice Captain: Roy Clague Tel: 621102 (H): royclague@manx.net
Immediate Past Captain:Barry Watts:Home 626359  Mobile 360696 barry@stc-iom.com
Hon Secretary: Peter Robertson Tel: 862522 (H) 461264 (M): probbo@manx.net
Hon Treasurer: Ian Hodgkinson Tel 851469 email ianhodge@manx.net

Competition and Handicap Secretary: David McGuinness Tel: 492299 :davidlmcguinness@live.com
JuniorsDuncan Donald Tel: 838412 (H): hopps@manx.net
SponsorshipsGordon Drake Tel: 673871: gd@manx.net
Social Sub Committee: Gordon Drake Tel: 673871:
Golf Union RepresentitiveJack Yardley Tel: 823836 (H): jyardley@manx.net
Press Officer Malcolm Lambert Tel: 832579(H) 477883 (M): lamberts@infoware.co.uk
Other key contacts
Website Co-ordinatorLord Gort Tel: 822295 (H) 232623 (M): cgc@manx.net
Handicaps and handicap certificates:
David Bell Tel: 834737 (H) 459187 (M)dingdongiom@yahoo.co.uk
Roy Clague Tel: 621102 (H): royclague@manx.net
David McGuinness Tel:492299 davidlmcguinness@live.com




1952-58 F  Pickles                                                  
1959-61 WCKellyOBE                                                 1962-63 J Lamb                                                               
1964-65 Sir RCS Stevenson GCMG MLC          
1966-67 C Connall                              
1968-73 Sir P Stallard KCMG CVO MBE           
1974-75 WA Kirkpatrick                    
1976-77 The Viscount Gort                
1978-79 KC Cowley                           
1980-81 Dr JM Ferguson                    
I982-83 JA Bird                                    
1984-85 AH Smith                                               
1986-87 Lt Col HK Sweeting                            
1988-89 TR Beatson                             
1990-91 LM Wilson                             
1992-93 LF Doherty                                            
1994-95 PJ Roberts                                              
1996-97 JR Jackson                                              
1998-99 J Neil                                                      
2000-01 E Alexander                                           
2002-2003 D Robbie                                            
2004-2005 R Mackenzie      
2006-2007 M Henthorn                      
2008-2009  SL Manuja                                         
2010-2011 E Shallcross                                       
2012-2013 J Yardley           
2014- D Bell  

M Crowe
RA Henry
Patron- His Excellency Lt Governor, AdamWood 

1952 WC Kelly    
1953 J Corrin       
1954/55 NG Brown     
1956 RH Hawkins             
1957 WC Kelly    
1958 CLP Vereker        
1959 JE Mc Dermott           
1960/61 CLP Vereker           
1962/63 JE McDermott         
1964/65 WA Kirkpatrick   
1966 Dr JM Ferguson         
1967/68 LK Gore             
1969/70 LG Holroyd
1971 JA Bird         
1972 FR Crook    
1973 JM Cain OBE          
1974 ER StA Davies OBE   
1975 AH Smith    
1976 A Simpson  
1977 AD Sheard   
1978 WR Ennett   
1979 RM Barker   
1980 GA Thompson      
1981 Lt Col HK Sweeting  
1982 LF Doherty 
1983 TR Beatson
1984 JR Jackson
1985 LM Wilson
1986 JM Gerrard
1987 AE Alexander
1988 PJ Roberts
1989 J Neil
1990 AE Gawne
1991 BJ Eastham
1992 RH Mackenzie
1993 SL Manuja
1994 D Robbie
1995 IJ Lunn
1996 T Karran
1997 WG Holmes
1998 E Shallcross
1999 PT Kirby
2000 M Henthorn
2001 BJ Eades
2002 JPB Carter
2003 SJ Boyd
2004 R Braide
2005 P Cox
2006 D Bell
2007 D Bell
2008 S Skelton
2009 J Yardley
2010 P Robertson
2011 S McGowan
2012 G Ferguson
2013 B Watts
2014 G Karran MBE





Professional's Shop

Contact the Pro Shop for Tee Times/Reservations and General Course Information.
Professional; Andy Patterson
Telephone; 01624822211
Email; patty@manx.net


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