The Captain of Castletown Golf Club, Dr Roy Clague (centre), presenting an interim cheque for £2,000 to Maureen Redmayne (Sec) and David Dow (Comm. Member) from the Manx Stroke Foundation.  Also present from the Club were Paul Eckersley and David McGuinness (Comp Sec). The monies were raised in a charity golf day, generously sponsored by Steve McGowan, plus a summer long birdie tree competition and other donations.

Captain's Message: 17 NOVEMBER 2015 - WEEKEND COMPETITIONS
Your committee met last night to discuss the recent members' poll on weekend competitions and plan the way forward.  The result (total voting 109) showed 73% in favour and 27% against the proposal, with a breakdown of only male 7 day members (93) showing a similar result (72% v 28%).  The committee therefore unanimously agreed that, starting from the 1st January 2016, the main Saturday competition should be extended over the whole weekend with members able to enter only once on either Saturday or Sunday.  The only exceptions will be the  Castletown Cup during golf weekend, Club Championship and  Aon Trophy, when the competition will be held over Saturday only.  The Club will then hold a separate competition on the Sundays of these weekend.  The Ladies will still retain their own reserved tee-times for their own competitions on Sundays.   The outcome in terms of success will be reviewed towards the end of 2016.  A sub-committee, chaired by the incoming Captain (Chris Kelly), has been set up to determine the procedures and rules for this competition to ensure fairness and will report back to the next committee meeting in early December.  Members will then be circulated with these.

The committee also agreed that if a Turkey Shoot competition is cancelled due to adverse weather on an upcoming Saturday, then the competition will be held on the following day (Sunday), weather permitting, with a minimum entry of 20 members being required to allow the awarding of a prize (current club rule).

Best wishes,

Roy Clague


Firstly, I’m delighted that the members gave very generously towards the Greenkeepers’ Benefit last weekend resulting in raising the sum of £350 on the day.  Thank you all very much for this.  The Club will add to this and arrange to present this money to Mark and his hard-working team in time for Christmas.  The Tower Insurance sponsored Turkey Shoots started yesterday with >50 hardy golfers braving the autumnal squalls of wind and heavy showers in their attempt to land an ‘early turkey’ for their family.  Hopefully, the weather will calm down for future Saturdays.  The Club survey produced an excellent response with one of the main members’ concerns relating to Slow Play, with the majority of members favouring definitive action being taken to improve the pace of play.  The committee are looking at this, but in the meantime I would like to draw your attention to the following website link to an interesting article on pace of play with short video links to related points within the article.

The Links have launched their new website with Intelligentgolf.  This is an excellent resource for members in providing information from the course, events, performance of their golf and printing of their handicap certificates.   They have also added a question concerning the extension of the Club’s main competition at the weekend to include Sundays and we encourage all members to give this their thoughtful consideration and response as soon as possible.

Thank you and good turkey shooting,

Roy Clague




This Saturday (28/11/15) the Tower Insurance fourth turkey shoot is a Two Man Texas Scramble which will be played on the Sunday if the weather causes a postponement.

Tower Insurance
- Your local island based insurer - Contact us direct or through your insurance adviser.

The Club Survey (part)is now available for viewing...
For members to see the results (NOT the general public) please click on this link...







Club Items





Golfing Weather

This Castletown (Isle of Man) weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget


CONGU changes 2016 Clubs and County v3....
Please click on this link (PDF) to view changes

   Important Notice Re Outstanding Credits Held by Andy Patterson

One of the ways that golf clubs support the livelihood of its PGA golf professional is by obtaining its competition prizes / vouchers from the pro shop. our recent pga golf professional, andy patterson, therefore received our members’ prize vouchers up until the end of march this year. These were paid up to andy by the club on a monthly basis and are therefore not redeemable in the refurbished pro shop at castletown. however, members’ prize vouchers since the beginning of april are redeemable in the pro shop or the 19th via their membership cards, and the club will continue to support the pro shop with the members’ prize vouchers.
It is now six months since Andy left and some members still have outstanding credits with him. Many, if not all, have been notified by Andy. The board has held discussions with Andy and we would encourage these members to contact andy (email;; or mobile 466996) to discuss redeeming these credits by no later than the 27th November as any such credits remaining thereafter will be deemed cancelled. He assures us that he has the means to order golf equipment and accessories.

Best wishes,
Roy Clague


Captain's Message

Dear Fellow Members,
I’m very proud and honoured to become Captain of this prestigious golf club for 2015 and thank the committee and membership for all their support.  I thank our Immediate Past Captain, Geoff Karran, for all his hard work during the last year and know that he will be a hard act to follow.  Since joining the club in 1991 on my return to the island, I have always found a great camaraderie and friendly atmosphere around the club and course, engendered by the varied array of competitions and the importance of relaxing on the 19th.  There are very many people that I would like to thank for my being in this position today for their mentoring as role models, their mentoring as role models, their good counselling and encouragement, but I would especially thank our President, David Bell. 

I not only gained an immense knowledge of the Rules and Etiquette of golf as the Competitions’ and Handicap Secretary for four years, but more importantly, I got to know and received a lot of encouragement from you, the members.
I look forward to the year and hope to keep many of our traditions going as well as introduce something new to ensure that we all enjoy great golf and friendship.   I have a hard working and enthusiastic committee, and we’ll endeavour to provide a full array of competitions and social events. We have a lovely, excellently maintained golf course (the best on the island) provided by Philip and his whole team, complemented by David and Lorraine and their team in the 19th.  We do need to spread the word as ambassadors for our club as golf is generally going through challenging times with memberships.  It is important that you support as many of the club’s events and activities during 2015 to ensure the continued development and success of this wonderful club and course.
In closing, I wish everyone good health and happy golf for 2015.

Roy Clague


Captain: Roy Clague Tel: 621102 (H):
David Bell Tel: 834737 (H) 459187 (M)
Vice Captain: Chris Kelly Tel 622003 (H) 496816 (M);
Immediate Past Captain: G.Karran tel;
Hon Secretary: Bob Adcock tel: 834704 (H) 320308 (M)
Hon Treasurer: Ian Hodgkinson Tel 851469 email

Competition and
Handicap Secretary
: David McGuinness Tel: 263533
Juniors: Ged Power Tel 231223 (M);
Sponsorships: Gerry Ganly Tel 490809 (M);
Social Sub Committee: Gerry Ganly Tel 490809 (M);
Golf Union Representitive: Gerald Bradley Tel 227778 (M);
Press Officer Malcolm Lambert Tel: 832579(H) 477883 (M):
Other key contacts
Website Co-ordinator: Lord Gort Tel: 822295 (H) 232623 (M):
Handicaps and handicap certificates:
Roy Clague Tel: 621102 (H):
David McGuinness Tel:263533

Roll of Honour


1952-58 F Pickles
1959-61 WCKellyOBE
1962-63 J Lamb                                                
1964-65 Sir RCS Stevenson GCMG MLC          
1966-67 C Connall                              
1968-73 Sir P Stallard KCMG CVO MBE           
1974-75 WA Kirkpatrick                    
1976-77 The Viscount Gort                
1978-79 KC Cowley                           
1980-81 Dr JM Ferguson                    
I982-83 JA Bird                                    
1984-85 AH Smith                                               
1986-87 Lt Col HK Sweeting                            
1988-89 TR Beatson                             
1990-91 LM Wilson                             
1992-93 LF Doherty                                            
1994-95 PJ Roberts                                              
1996-97 JR Jackson                                              
1998-99 J Neil                                                      
2000-01 E Alexander                                           
2002-2003 D Robbie                                            
2004-2005 R Mackenzie      
2006-2007 M Henthorn                      
2008-2009  SL Manuja                                         
2010-2011 E Shallcross                                       
2012-2013 J Yardley           
2014- D Bell  

M Crowe
RA Henry
His Excellency Lt Governor, AdamWood 

1952 WC Kelly    
1953 J Corrin       
1954/55 NG Brown     
1956 RH Hawkins             
1957 WC Kelly    
1958 CLP Vereker        
1959 JE Mc Dermott           
1960/61 CLP Vereker           
1962/63 JE McDermott         
1964/65 WA Kirkpatrick   
1966 Dr JM Ferguson         
1967/68 LK Gore             
1969/70 LG Holroyd
1971 JA Bird         
1972 FR Crook    
1973 JM Cain OBE          
1974 ER StA Davies OBE   
1975 AH Smith    
1976 A Simpson  
1977 AD Sheard   
1978 WR Ennett   
1979 RM Barker   
1980 GA Thompson      
1981 Lt Col HK Sweeting  
1982 LF Doherty 
1983 TR Beatson
1984 JR Jackson
1985 LM Wilson
1986 JM Gerrard
1987 AE Alexander
1988 PJ Roberts
1989 J Neil
1990 AE Gawne
1991 BJ Eastham
1992 RH Mackenzie
1993 SL Manuja
1994 D Robbie
1995 IJ Lunn
1996 T Karran
1997 WG Holmes
1998 E Shallcross
1999 PT Kirby
2000 M Henthorn
2001 BJ Eades
2002 JPB Carter
2003 SJ Boyd
2004 R Braide
2005 P Cox
2006 D Bell
2007 D Bell
2008 S Skelton
2009 J Yardley
2010 P Robertson
2011 S McGowan
2012 G Ferguson
2013 B Watts
2014 G Karran MBE
2015 R.Clague




Details of 2015 memberships and fees etc. can be found in the PDF documents enclosed (click on image)...

2015_membership_fees AppForms 2015 Both sections_





Date Event   Result
3rd 4Man AmAm 1st. R.Byrne/ M. Teare/ D. Howland/
Joker: L.Doherty (94 points)
2nd. A. Rowe/ N. Cartwright/ T. Ditchfield/ J. Ledwidge (94 points)

4th Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )
  1st. Neil Dunwell (16) 40 points
2nd. Mark Teare (6) 37 points
3rd. Colin E Magee (7) 37 points
10th 2 Man Texas and Winter Eclectic on Sunday 11/1/15  
Competitions cancelled due to high winds
14th Business Doctor
  1st. John Corlett (13) 24 points
2nd. Bob Taylor (11) 23 points
3rd. Malcolm Lambert (9) 22 points
4th. Chris Blackburn (18) 21 points
First Lady. Louna Vermeulen


Individual Stableford (Qualifier)


1st. Chris Lee (11) 42 points
2nd. Sam Skelton (5) 42 points
3rd. Mark Jones (15) 40 points
Cat 1/2. John Newson (5) 38 points
Cat 3/4. Thomas Brook (13) 38 points
George Ferguson (20) 38 points

18th Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )
  1st. John Byrne (12) 39 points
2nd. Kyle McConnell (13) 36 points
3rd. Steven Boyd (1) 34 points
21st Business Doctor
  1st. Geoff Karran (17) 27 points
2nd. Michael Wynne-Smithe (26) 26 points
3rd. Ged Power (4) 25 points
4th. J.D. Clague (16) 25 points
First Lady. Loni Vermeulen
24th Four Ball Better Ball  

1st. Neil Cartwright/Richard Creamore 43 Points (24 back 9)
2nd. Stephen Keegan/ JJ Moore 43 Points (better last 3)
3rd. Alan Harding/Malcolm Lambert 43 Points
4th. Richard Corke/David McGuinness 42 Points

25th Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )
  1st. Keith Barnard (17) 35 points
Field too small to award more than one prize

28th Business Doctor
  Cancelled due to inclement weather
31st Individual Stableford   1st. Mark Reynolds (23) 36 Points
2nd. Colin E Magee (7) 35 Points
3rd. Ian Hodgkinson (18) 34 Points
4th. Alan Rowe (6) - Field too small to award a 4th prize


Date Event   Result
1st Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )
  1st. Ged Power (4) 30 Points
2nd.Stuart Butler 28 Points
3rd.Jackie McKnight (18) 27 Points
4th Business Doctor

1st. John Corlett (13) 26 Points
2nd. Chris B Kelly (13) 26 Points
3rd. Bob Taylor (11) 25 Points
4th. Dave Bell (22) 24 Points
Lady. Dawn Killa - Nearest the Pin: Alan Harding

7th Modified AmAm   1st. W. Laughlin/ I. Quine/ D. Laughlin/ S. Charmer (92 Points)
2nd. C. Ross/ R. jackson/ D. Ross/ J. Stevens (92 Points)
8th Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )
  1st. Kyle McConnell (39 Points)
2nd. Frankie Doherty (39 Points)
Decision went right down to the 18th
11th Business Doctor
  1st. John Corlett (13) 29 Points
2nd. Dave Bell (22) 29 Points
3rd. Malcolm Lambert (9) 26 Points
4th.Bob Taylor (12) 25 Points
Lady. Mair Gardner (17) - Nearest the Pin: Dave Bell


Individual Stableford (Qualifier)

C.S.S 69


1st. Paul Eckersley (9) 45 points
2nd. Tony Gawne (17) 42 points
3rd. Rodney Jackson (8) 42 points
Cat 1/2 John Tinsley (8) 41 points
Cat 3/4 Terry Ditchfield (14) 40 points
Chris Blackburn (19) 39 points

15th Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )
  1st. Greg Easten (13) 38 points
2nd. Jonathan Corke (Scratch) 38 points
3rd. Frankie Doherty (8) 38 points
18th Business Doctor
  1st. John Corlett (13) 21 points
2nd. Ged Power (4) 21 points
3rd. Jonathan Clague (16) 20 points
4th. Chris B Kelly (13) 20 points
First Lady. Dawn Sissons who was also Nearest the Pin
21st Four Ball Better Ball  

1st. John Stevens (20) / Doug Ross (14) 49 points
2nd. Robert Quine (17) / Jimmy Kelly (9) 48 points
3rd. Ashley Osborne (14) / Richard Corke (5) 45 points
Foley Gort (3) / Frankie Doherty (8) 45 points

22nd Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )
  Cancelled due to inclement weather
25th Business Doctor
  1st. Simon Murray (4) 28 points
2nd. Rex Barker (15) 27 points
3rd. Les Gale (13) 26 points
4th. Jonathan Clague (16) 26 points
Lady. Jenny Kelly. Nearest the Pin: Malcolm Lambert
28th      4 Man Texas Scramble   1st. A. Rowe/ N. Cartwright/ A. Townell/ J. Evans 58 (53.8)
2nd. B. Humbles/ J. Wild/ T. Shallcross/ F. McKenna 69 (54)


Date Event   Result
1st Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )
  Cancelled due to inclement weather
4th Business Doctor
  1st. Alan Harding (15) 25 points
2nd. Bob Taylor (12) 24 points
3rd. John Corlett (13) 22 points
4th. Roy Clague (18) 21 points
First Lady Loni Vermeulen. Nearest the pin: Dave Bell
7th Individual Stableford (Qualifier)   Cancelled due to high winds
8th Club Competion
(Winter Eclectic )

1st. Ian Rigby (22) 42 points
2nd. Keith Featherstone (16) 39 points
3rd. Jackie McKnight (18) 36 points but only 2 prizes awarded



11th Business Doctor
  Cancelled due to inclement weather


Individual Stableford (Qualifier)

CSS 70


1st. Andy Dent (13) 44 points
2nd. Doug Ross (14) 44 points
3rd. Michael Kinmond (12) 43 points
Cat 1/2. David Price (5) 42 points
Cat 3/4. Martin Derbyshire (20) 43 points
Chris B Kelly (13) 41 points

WINTER LEAGUE WINNER - Paul Eckersley (9) 83 points

18th Business Doctor
18 hole Medal Qualifier
  1st. Chris B Kelly (11) nett 67
2nd. Leon Van Lier (21) nett 72
3rd. Bob Taylor (12) nett 75
4th. Guy Pickard (6) nett 75
Best Lady. Louna Vermeulen nett 79. Nearest the pin: M. Wynne-Smythe
21st Captain’s Drive In   1st .Bob Taylor (12) 40 points
2nd. Jeff Magee (14) 39 points
3rd. Frankie Doherty (6) 39 points
Cat 1/2. Lord Gort (3) 38 points
Cat 3/4. John Corlett (13) 38 points
Andrew Marshall (23) 37 points
25th Business Doctor
  1st. Loni Vermeulen 38 points
2nd. Marlene Akitt 35 points
3rd. Leon Van Lier 35 points
4th. Christine Kermeen 34 points
Best Lady: Mair Gardner 34pts Nearest the Pin: Richard Dunn
28th Woods Cup (Bogey) presented by IOM Hearing Solutions  

1st. Phil Games (13) with +1
2nd. Tim Shallcross (18) on Zero
3rd. Alan Rowe 96) on Zero
Senior: John Lee (16) with -2


Date Event   Result
1st Business Doctor
  Cancelled due to high winds
4th SMP Partners Monthly Medal

1st. Chris Westerman (23) Nett 61
2nd. Jeff Magee (13) Nett 67
3rd (Best Gross) Jon Corke (Scratch) Nett 67
Cat 1/2 Andrew Challenor (+1) Nett 70
Cat 3/4 John Lee (16) Nett 68
Senior: Peter Thompson (20) Nett 70
8th Business Doctor

1st. Loni Vermeulen 44 points
2nd. Gary Gilbert 38 points
3rd. Terence Cassidy 37 points
4th. Mair Gardner 37 points
Best Lady. Steph Gregg 35pts.



Gwynn Williams sponsored Stableford competition

CSS 75


1st. Neil Cartwright (10) 34 points
2nd. Fraser Grant (16) 34 points
3rd. David Campbell (18) 33 points
Cat 1/2. Rodney Jackson (7) 33 points
Cat 3/4. Terry Ditchfield (13) 31 points
Tony Gawne (15) 31 points

15th Business Doctor
  Cancelled due to course maintenance

Fuller's London Pride

EGU Gold Medal Qualifier

  1st. Anderson Whamond(15) 79/64
2nd. Warren Rainey(12)) 80/ 68
3rd. Ged Power (4) 73/69
Cat 1/2. Charlie Ross (7) 76/69
Cat 3/4. Paul Reid (14) 88/74
Stuart Butler (17) 89/72
22nd Business Doctor
  1st. Marlene Akitt (36) 43 points
2nd. Jax Fisher (36) 42 points
3rd. Elizabeth Stirling (36) 41 points
4th. Malcolm Lambert (10) 40 points
Best Lady: Steph Gregg (36) 40 pts. Nearest the Pin: Mair Gardner

Permanent Bank International presentation at 12.30

Stableford 8.15am and 1.15pm

  1st. Francis Thoday (13) 38 points
2nd. Daryl Callister (Scratch) 38 points
3rd. Mark Grace (16) 38 points
Cat 1/2. Iain Quine (12) 37 points
Cat 3/4. Peter Purcell (13) 36 points
Peter Thomas(9) 35 points
29th Business Doctor
  1st. Chris Lee (8) 31 points + Nearest the Pin prize
2nd. Simon Murray (4) 29 points
3rd. Marryann Dunn 27 points
4th. Mel Jansen 27 points
5th. Mair Gardner 27 points


Date Event   Result

SMP Partners Monthly Medal postponed and replaced by a Club Stableford

  1st. Richard Creamore (13) 31 points
2nd. Julian Sutton (1) 28 points
3rd. John Byrne (13) 27 points
6th Business Doctor

Thornton Associates Ltd - Chartered Financial Planners Blue tees Stableford


1st. M.Reynolds 43pts
2nd. M.Wickers 40pts
3rd. A.Lagden 39pts
Cat 1/2 P. Reid 39pts 
Cat 3/4 A. Osborne 38pts
Senior T.Gawne 31pts
White tees comp: Winner - Alan Harding

13th Business Doctor
  1st. Terry Cassidy(8) with 77-69
Lady. Emma Harris(1) with 75-74.



  1st. C.Dunn 39pts
2nd. R.Barker 38pts
3rd. I.Quine 35pts
Cat 1/2 S.Willoughby 35pts 
Cat 3/4 E.Russell 34 pts
Senior A.Marshall 33pts
20th Business Doctor

1st. C. Byrne 41 pts
2nd.O. Steriopolous 40 pts
3rd. D. Ross 40 pts
4th. G. Morris 39 pts
Lady. Julie Amphlett 35 pts
Nearest the Pin: P. Keeley


Aon Cup - Insure Your Vision Stableford

  1st. Iain Quine (12) 42 points
2nd. Dave Allan (12) 40points
3rd. Mike Everitt (13) 40 points
Cat 1/2. Jack Yardley (12) 39 points
Cat 3/4. Will Laughlin (14) 40 points
Senior. John Webster 36 points

Business Doctor Limited Bogey Competition

  1st. Scott Donald +5
2nd.Duncan Donald +2
3rd. Kevin Madin +1
4th. Chris B Kelly -1
Best Lady. Dawn Sissons

Permanent Bank International presentation at 12.30 Stableford 8.15am and 1.15pm

  1st. Gareth Morris (12) 40 pts
2nd. Rex Barker (14) 40 pts
3rd. Bob Taylor 39pts
Cat 1/2 Ross Dennett (3) 39pts 
Cat 3/4 Les Gale (13) 37 pts
Senior Anthony Hopkins (20) 37pts


Date Event   Result

Business Doctor Limited

Stableford Competition

  1st. Stephen Smythe (22) 39 pts
2nd.Alan Harding (15) 38 pts
3rd. Anderson Whamond (13) 37 pts
4th. Keith Featherstone (16) 37 pts
Best Lady: Loni Evans

SMP Partners Monthly Medal

  1st. Jonathan Corke (Scratch) 75
2nd. David McGuinness (9) 76
3rd. Steven Boyd (2) 78
10th Business Doctor
  1st. Philip Vermeulen (13) 40 pts
2nd. Keith Featherstone (16) 38 pts
3rd. Stuart Campbell (13) 38 pts
4th. Loni Evans 38 pts
5th. Louna Vermeulen 36 pts
13th Standard Bank Medal

1st. Seamus Nugent (16) 67
2nd. Andy Marshall (22) 69
3rd. Dave Bell (22) 69
Best Gross: Michael Charmer (4) 70
Cat 1/2 Paul Eckersley (8) 70
Cat 3/4 Stuart Butler (16) 71

17th Business Doctor
18th Nations Cup sponsored by LGCL 4BBB Teams of 8

Captain's Day 2015

  1st. P.Reid (40)
2nd. M.Kneale (39)
3rd. T.Gawne (39)
Cat 1/2 J.Corke (39)
Cat 3/4 J.Webster (39)
Senior P.Thompson (37)
24th Business Doctor
26th Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management

1st D.Kella/C.Kermeen
2nd K.Berry/J.Frost
3rd R.Barker/S.Murray


Castletown Cup presented by Capital International
Stroke Play


1st. J.Dean (67)
2nd. S.Keegan (71)
3rd. C.Kneen (74)
4th. R.Gardner (74)
Best Gross:R.Braide (70)


Golf Week Four Person AM-AM
Castletown GC

  1st. A.O'Mahoney/B.McMahon
S.O'Connell /D.Litton (88)
2nd. J.Gibney/P.Pell-Hilley
S.Moody/A.Garrad (87)
3rd. B.Humbles/D.Hicks
K.Lewin/B.Carter (86)


Date Event   Result

SMP Partners Monthly Medal

  1st. D.Quayle (66)
2nd. J.Byrne (67)
3rd. S.Skelton (69)
Cat.3/4 A.Harding (72)
Seniors R.Clague (80)
8th Business Doctor


11th SMP Partners Monthly Medal
  1st. A.Gerrard (70)
2nd. D.Price (71)
3rd. R.Taylor (72)
Gross A.Challenor (74)
Cat 1/2 D.Moore (72)
Cat 3/4 A.Marshall (72)
Senior C.Williams (79)
15th Business Doctor

1st. Leon van Lier 35 pts
2nd. Anne Webster 35 pts
3rd. Alan Harding 34 pts
4th. Marlene Akitt 34 pts
5th. Rex Barker 34 pts
Nearest the Pin: Mary van Lier

18th Rossborough Private Clients Stableford

1st. Bob Taylor 40 points
2nd. Rex Barker 35 points
3rd. Peter Thomas 35 points
Cat 1/2. John Tinsley 34 points
Cat 3/4. Ken Berry 33 points
Senior. Peter Miller 33 points

22nd Business Doctor

1st. Scott Donald (63)
2nd.Ann Webster (71)
3rd. Alan Harding (72)
4th. John Webster (72)
5th. Loni Evans (75)
Nearest the Pin: Stuart Campbell

25th Permanent Bank International presentation at 12.30 Stableford 8.00am and 1.15pm
  1st. David Price (40)
2nd. Steven Boyd (40)
3rd. Ken Berry (39)
Cat 1/2 Jack Yardley (39)
Cat 3/4 Brian Eastham (36)
Senior Rex Barker (34)
29th Business Doctor
  1st. CHristine Kermeen 42 pts
2nd. Alan Harding 38 pts
3rd. Irene Waterhouse 38 pts
4th. Scott Donald 37 pts
5th. Malcolm Lambert 35 pts
Nearest the Pin: John Corrigan


Date Event   Result

SMP Partners Monthly Medal

  1st. Richard Creamore(68)
2nd. Sam Skelton (69)
Gez Bradley (69) - Lowest Gross
Cat 1/2 PJ Vermeulen (70)
Cat 3/4 Neill Jacobs (71)
Senior Anthony Hopkins(74)
5th Business Doctor
  Cancelled due to poor weather

Harding Lewis Ltd Medal

Club Championship
Round 1


1st. Paul Eckersley (67)
2nd. Francis Thoday (67)
3rd. Andrew Davies (70)

OVER 65's YELLOW TEES COMP: Winner: Les Doherty (64)
2nd. Brian Eastham (70)
3rd. Adrian Copley (70)


Harding Lewis Ltd Medal

Club Championship
Round 2


1st. Robert Braide (68)
2nd. Daryl Callister (69)
3rd. Jonathan Corke (70)



12th Business Doctor
  1st. Dawn Killa (44pts)
2nd. Dave Allan (42pts)
3rd. Will Halsall (39pts)
4th. Peter Thomas (38pts)
5th. Anne Webster (35pts)
Nearest the Pin: Will Halsall

Brian Graham


  1st. Ben Humbles (47pts)
2nd. Rex Barker (43pts)
3rd. Thomas Brook (42pts)
Cat 1/2 David Quayle (40pts)
Cat 3/4 Andrew McGee (39pts)
Senior: Chris Blackburn (39pts)
19th Business Doctor
  Cancelled due to inclement weather

President's Day 2015



1st. Paul Keeley (44 pts)
2nd. Terry Ditchfield (41 pts)
3rd. Fraser Grant (40 pts)
Vets Comp: 1st Barry Watts (49 amazing points).
2nd. Tony Gawne (40 pts)
3rd. Les Doherty (39 pts)
Ladies Comp: 1st. Christina Skelly (34 pts)
2nd. Dawn Killa (33 pts)

25th Business Doctor
29th Permanent Bank International presentation at 12.30 Stableford 8.00am and 1.15pm   1st. Jack Ross (38)
2nd. Mike Williams(38)
3rd.Peter Thomas
Senior; K.Berry(34)
31st Bank Holiday CGL Pairs Competition   1st.


Date Event   Result

SMP Partners Monthly Medal(SS73)

  1st. D.Ross (65)
2nd. M.Jones (69)
3rd. D.Howland (69)
Cat 1/2. S.Keegan (70)
Cat 3/4. C.Kinmond (75)
Seniors. J.Webster (75)

Club Stableford

  1st.K. Featherstone(36)
2nd. A.Rowe (36)
3rd. D.Quayle (35)
Senior. A.Hopkins (33)

Heritage Homes

  1st. R.Byrne (45)
2nd. JJ More (42)
3rd. L.Howland (40)
Cat1/2 M.Charmer (39)
Cat 3/4 S.Nugernt (36)
Senior J.Webster (35)
26th Permanent Bank International

1st. M.Derbyshire (40)
2nd. N.Cartwright (39)
3rd. R. Mackenzie (39)
Cat1/2 G.Pickard (38)
Cat 3/4 R.Quine (38)
Senior. A.Hopkins (36)


Date Event   Result

Neville Peterson Trophy sponsored by Shoprite


1st. C.Magee (42)
2nd. A.O'Mahoney (39)
3rd. G.Drake (39)
Cat 1/2 S.Jeffers (38)
Cat 3/4 P.Games (39)
Senior. S.Butler (36)

10th Thomas Miller
  1st. S.Campbell (67)
2nd. R.Barker (67)
3rd. G.Ganly (69)
Gross J.Sutton (73)
Cat 1/2 M.Charmer (70)
Cat 3/4 G.Sugden (69)
Senior. A.Hopkins (70)
14th Business Doctor
12 Hole Competition
  1st. John Webster (27pts)
2nd. Andy Lagden (26pts)
3rd. Rex Barker (25pts)
4th. Mary Ann Dunn (25pts)
5th. Heather Skinner (25pts)
Nearest the Pin: Rex Barker

Syd Ashworth Trophy sponsored by
Bill Ashworth

  1st. Steve McGowan (41)
2nd. Terry Ditchfield (39)
3rd. Robert Quine (38)
Cat 1/2 Gez Bradley (38)
Cat 3/4 Will Laughlin (37)
Senior. Gordon Drake (35)
14th Business Doctor
12 Hole Competition
  1st. Louna Vermeulen (28pts)
2nd. Andy Lagden (25pts)
3rd. Jackie Fisher (23pts)
4th. Alan Harding (23pts)
5th. Heather Skinner (22pts)
Nearest the Pin: Marlene Akitt
24th Permanent Bank International presentation at 12.30 Stableford 8.00am and 1.15pm
  1st. Peter Miller (39 pts)
2nd. Neil Cartwright (36pts)
3rd. Paul Eckersley (35 pts)
Cat 1/2 Mike Horsthuis (35 pts)
Cat 3/4 Alan Harding (33 pts)
Senior. Stuart Butler (31 pts)
14th Business Doctor
12 Hole Competition
  1st. Christine Kermeen (29pts)
2nd. Will Halsall (28pts)
3rd. Guy Pickard (28pts)
4th. Mark Teare (27pts)
5th. Louna Vermeulen(26pts)
Nearest the Pin: Rex Barker
31st 'The Greenkeeper's Benefit'
  1st. Mike Horsthuis(39 pts)
2nd. Doug Ross (38pts)
3rd. Jonathan Clague (37 pts)
Cat 1/2 Chris Reynolds(37 pts)
Cat 3/4 Ernie Russell (36 pts)
Senior. John Lee (33 pts)


Date Event   Result
4th Business Doctor
12 Hole Competition
  1st. K Amphlett (27pts)
2nd. C Reynolds (26pts)
3rd. M Lambert (25pts)
4th. M Jansen (24pts)
5th. R Barker (24pts)
Nearest the Pin: M Jansen

Tower Insurance
Texas Scramble

  1st.M Jones/ B McMahon/Dominic Litton/A Davies (54.4)
2nd. K Berry/ R Heselton/ A Whamond/ M Williams (56)
NTP - Brendan McLaughlin
11th Business Doctor
12 Hole Competition
  1st. Kevin Amphlett (22 pts)
2nd. Andy Saunders (21 pts)
3rd.Jackie Fisher (20 pts)

Tower Insurance 4BBB

  Postponed due to inclement weather

Tower Insurance Yellow Ball AM-AM

  1st. C.C.Magee/ C.E.Magee/ J.Byrne/ P.Purcell (84pts -43 back)
2nd. S.Glynn/ M.Derbyshire/ P.Eckersley/ J.Webster 84pts-39 back

Tower Insurance
2 Man Texas Scramble



Date Event   Result

Tower Insurance
Pyramid AM-AM

Followed by AGM at 16.30


Tower Insurance
4 Man Texas Scramble


Xmas Shotgun AM-AM at 11.00am including Presentation Draw at 9.45








An occasional icy squall put a dampener on later rounds in the Tower Insurance sponsored yellow ball AM-AM last Saturday. Messrs: Colin C. Magee (12), Colin E. Magee (8), John Byrne (11) and Peter Purcell (13) escaped unscathed. They dovetailed well to post 84 points which stood the test of time and took the turkeys on countback.

In a format which put each player in the frame for fame or shame on every fourth hole ex St John’s and Laxey footballer Colin Magee excelled. He carded 12 points on his four compulsory holes and totalled 25 points over nine scoring holes. Mind you, his catch phrase is, ‘I’ll just finish this off!’ and then proceeds to do so.

Byrne bashed-in ten points on his four holes and a further fourteen on six of the others including two net birdies on the final two holes. The quieter Colin Magee mucked-up the Road Hole, or at least that’s what I thought he said! A lucrative birdie on the 13th saw him salvage seven points from his obligatory four and a net eagle on the 15th helped hoist his tally to 22 points from ten attempts.

Peter Purcell was unluckily allocated the yellow ball on two of the par three holes and only accumulated 13 points from seven selections. However, his net pars on the 7th and 18th were definitely crucial.

The prize winning countback casualties were Steve Glynn (18), Martin Derbyshire (17), Paul Eckersley (6) and John Webster (15). Their 84 points were front end loaded despite Glynn’s yellow ball disappearing on the infamous Road Hole. Hence, their relatively modest 39 on the all important back nine fell four points short of the winning team’s 43.

Steve Jeffers (3) nearly holed out the 16th to win the fine wine sponsored by Will Halsall at . The ever accurate Andrew Gerrard (6) can probably treat himself to a bottle with three helpings from the 2’s pot after his rare feat of shooting birdies on the 8th, 13th and 16th.

This Saturday, or Sunday if the weather is bad, will be a two man Texas Scramble in the Tower Insurance sponsored series. Our member’s poll supported the move for qualifying competitions to take place over the whole weekend; these will begin from 1st January.




Playing off his new lower handicap Kevin Amphlett (14) once again won the mid-week Business Doctor Limited 12 Hole stableford, this time with 22 points. One point back new member Andy Saunders was really ‘Quids Inn’ as he also took home the nearest the pin prize. Next year’s lady vice-captain, Jackie Fisher, suffered a serious slip yet limped around for 20 points and the final prize as entry levels had been affected by ‘Abigail’.

Due to the inclement weather no play was possible in the Tower Insurance sponsored 4BBB on Saturday so this leaves space to report on the outcome of the Castletown summer knock-out competitions.

Neil Cartwright (9) met Francis Thoday (12) in the Willie Kirkpatrick matchplay singles final kindly sponsored by Miss Irene Pugh. Both players had made their way through some tough rounds and I must admit to split loyalties. Francis is my regular playing partner and I used to work with Neil who played brilliantly (three over par) to beat your humble hack on the 18th in the first round.

Cartwright recruited his regular playing partner Alan Rowe as his caddy for the final while Thoday chose fisherman Bob Taylor with his handy range finder watch. Thoday might have had more luck had he gone fishing! Cartwright raced into an early lead and despite be caught twice he ended up winning 2 and 1.

At the presentation made by Mel Todd, on behalf of Miss Pugh, thanks were also extended to our competition secretary Dave McGuinness who kindly refereed the entertaining and well contested final.

In the club sponsored 4BBB knockout competition there were four rounds involving 22 teams. Making it through to the final Kyle McConnell and Keith Featherstone beat Steve Zybert and Dave Quayle by 3 up with 2 to play.

Over the summer there was an ongoing birdie tree competition with the entry fees going towards the captain’s charity. The winners and runners up in each handicap category were as follows:
Cat: 1               1st Ross Dennett 305                2nd Robert Braide 240
Cat :2               1st Frankie Doherty 140            2nd Chris Lee 135
Cat: 3/4            1st Chris Dunn 55                     2nd Graham Harris 30

Taking into consideration the well supported charity golf day, kindly sponsored by Steve McGowan, our captain, Dr Roy Clague, was delighted to be able to present the Manx Stroke Foundation with an interim cheque for £2,000.

Back to the present, if the weather permits, this weekend we compete in a Tower Insurance sponsored yellow ball AM-AM.




Only the most dedicated or desperate golfers entered the first of the Tower Insurance sponsored series of turkey shoots at Castletown last Saturday. Never-the-less 18 teams took part in the four-man Texas Scramble in an endeavour to win their Christmas dinner.

Mark Jones (13), Bryan McMahon (8), Dominic Litton (22) and Andrew Davies (10) were inspired by an opening birdie. Three more were captured on the front nine and another followed on the 12th by which time they had all completed their three compulsory drives. Jones worried the hole on the 13th and a tap-in two followed. Then McMahon cut loose, his drives being used on the final five holes. Their seventh birdie on the 17th led to a gross 65, nett 54.4 which won the competition by 1.6 shots, a massive margin in this format.

Second-place went to Ken Berry (22), Ron Heselton (19), Anderson Whamond (13) and Mike Williams (11) who squelched round in 69, nett 56, after shooting their three birdies in the first seven holes. There was another on the 14th but it only cancelled-out a bothersome bogey on the 11th. Whamond sweated a bit as it wasn’t until the 15th before he logged his third drive.

In third-place, but just 0.2 out of the prizes, Frankie Doherty (8), Stuart Campbell (11), Brendan McLaughlin (6) and Ross Byrne (14) engineered eight birdies to record the lowest gross round of 64. Mind you, McLaughlin has something to drown his sorrows: the nearest-the-pin (NTP) prize provided by Will Halsall of Another fine bottle awaits us this weekend in the Tower Insurance sponsored 4BBB.

Kevin Amphlett won the mid-week Business Doctor Limited 12 Hole stableford with 27 points, one ahead of Chris Reynolds with Malcolm Lambert, Mel Jansen (+ NTP) and Rex Barker taking the other prizes. This competition continues until the year end.

If the recent membership poll finds in favour, future competitions may take place across the whole weekend which will be good for those wishing to enter qualifying competitions on a Sunday. Discounted winter golf packages are now available. Call Ged Power on 822211 for more details or visit the brand new Links website at



112 members entered the Greenkeeper’s Benefit competition and made additional donations in appreciation of the hard work of keeping the Castletown course in such fine condition. Mark Kitching and his merry men would have a slightly easier job if we all filled our divots and repaired all pitch marks.
‘Flowerman’ Mike Horsthuis (12) added to last week’s category 1/2 prize with a gold rosette this time. Starting with a double bogey and ending with an ugly eight Horsthuis stepped in with 39 points from the other 16 holes completed in three over par. Two of his four birdies were attained on par threes, so Horsthuis helped himself to a double dollop from the 2’s pot.    
Doug Ross (6) also shot four birdies including a lucrative 2 on the 8th. His remarkable round of four over par included a couple of double bogeys which restricted his score to 38 points for second place. Third-placed Jonathan Clague (16) took twelve holes to accumulate 21 points. A nett hole-in-one on the 16th and three further nett birdies added 16 points on the run-in increasing his total to 37 in all.
Two more players compiled 37 points. Consequentially, the category 1/2 prize required a card play-off. Chris Reynolds (9) was assured of the award with a four over par back nine. Steven Boyd (2) was the countback casualty even though his gross 73 was the lowest score of the day. One point back Ernie Russell (14) earned the category 3/4 prize by scoring on every hole. John Lee (14) pipped Stuart Brawn (18) to secure the senior section with 33 points.
Christine Kermeen won the Business Doctor Limited 12 Hole sponsored stableford with 29 points, one ahead of Will Halsall and Guy Pickard. Mark Teare and Louna Vermeulen took fourth and fifth-prize respectively. Golfer of the year Rex Barker finished nearest-the-pin. Pleasingly, this competition continues until the year end.
With winter rules now upon us the first of the generously sponsored Tower Insurance turkey shoot series is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday.



Ex school teacher Peter Miller (14) proved that practice pays off by winning the October Permanent Bank International sponsored stableford by three clear points. Taking advantage of the improving afternoon weather conditions Miller birdied the 4th and 18th holes for eight of his 39 points.  Six of his eight pars were converted to nett birdies and he only failed to score once. You’ve guessed it, on the infamous Road Hole, where, having successfully laid-up, his approach shot suffered a splash landing.
The newly crowned William Kirkpatrick Matchplay singles champion Neil Cartwright (9) was one of only seventeen souls brave enough to endure the morning shotgun start.  His 36 points for second place was therefore an amazing achievement. In third place on 35 Paul Eckersley (6) double bogeyed the 5th and blobbed the 17th but thirteen pars proved to be lucky for him.
‘Flower-man’ Mike Horsthuis (12) delivered just three points from the 11th to the 13th but his 35 bloomed into a category 1/2 prize. Alan Harding (13) was surprised but delighted to collect the category 3/4 award with 33 points. Stuart Butler (16) took the senior section with 31.
At lunchtime Aidan Doherty, Managing Director of Permanent Bank International, kindly presented the monthly and overall category winners with their awards. Paul Eckersley, representing SMP Partners, was equally busy giving out medals to the monthly competition winners. Shoprite Chief Executive Officer Andrew Thomas was also on hand to present the Neville Peterson Trophy to the worthy winner Colin E Magee.
Having received the category 1 award for his amazing score of 305 points in the captain’s charity birdie tree competition Ross Dennett then turned provider. Representing Thomas Miller Investment he presented the prizes for their sponsored medal competition which had been won by Stuart Campbell.
Earlier in the week the Business Doctor Limited 12 Hole sponsored stableford was won by Louna Vermeulen with 28 points, three ahead of Andy Lagden and five clear of Jackie Fisher and Alan Harding. Heather Skinner took fifth-prize and Marlene Akitt finished nearest-the-pin.   
Our captain Dr Roy Clague would like to thank all the club’s sponsors for their generous support. This Saturday the members can show their appreciation for our hardworking green keepers by entering their benefit competition.



Former Castletown club captain Steve McGowan (12), now off (10), complimented the condition of the course having revelled in the autumn sunshine to win the Syd Ashworth Memorial Trophy on Saturday with 41 points. These came from just 17 holes as the golden gorse gobbled up his golf ball as he tried to cut the corner on the dog-leg 4th.
That was McGowan’s only disappointment in a round where divine drives and precision putts were rewarded with two birdies and ten pars. Mind-you, a fortunate find near the finishing bell meant McGowan managed to escape with just a bogey on the 18th.
Terry Ditchfield (11) birdied the 2nd and 9th to complete the front nine at two over par for 22 points. Four pars and a double bogey on the 15th plus four further one pointers restricted Ditchfield’s inward half to 17 points. However, his total of 39 stepped him into second place.
A two-way tie for third place on 38 was settled on countback. Robert Quine (17) who failed to finish the 4th edged out Gez Bradley (2) who was two under par up until the 16th. Bradley had to be content with the category 1/2 prize after bogeys on two of the last three holes brought him back to level par.
Five players finished on 37 points but only Will Laughlin (13) was rewarded as Tim Callow (21) and David Laughlin (23) were countback casualties for the category 3/4 award while Julian Sutton (2) and Doug Ross (7) were one point short of challenging Bradley. Gordon Drake (20) won the senior section with 35 points from 15 scoring holes including a nifty nett eagle on the 3rd.
In the mid-week Business Doctor Limited 12 Hole sponsored stableford John Webster (15) won with 27 points, one ahead of Andy Lagden (8) and two clear of Rex Barker (8), Mary Ann Dunn and Heather Skinner who all collected credit for their club cards. Barker also snapped-up the nearest-the-pin prize.   
This Saturday a lunchtime prize presentation is sandwiched between the Permanent Bank International sponsored Stableford competition which, as usual, has shotgun starts at 08:00 and 13:15.

Last Saturday was the Thomas Miller Investment sponsored medal.  A field of 100 produced a CSS of 73.

Best senior on the Day went to Anthony Hopkins(20), 90-70. Hopkins would have featured in the main prizes if it wasn't for an 8 and a 7 on holes 6& 10. A reduction in handicap will please the other seniors as Hopkins has made this prize his own in recent months.
73 was good enough to take the best gross prize, with Julian Sutton(2) pipping Michael Charmer(3). Sutton's back nine of two under including 2 two's took the prize. Charmer had to make do with the Category 1/2 prize, 73-70, compiling 10 Par's and 4 Birdies on the way.
Category 3/4 was taken by Geoff Sugden(20), 89-69. The Highlight of Sugden's round was a birdie 3 on the 4th. If Sugden had faired better on the Par 5's he may have taken 1st place.
Taking 3rd place with a better inward half was Gerry Ganly(16). Ganly beat Sugden by a single shot on the inward 9. Ganly had a steady round and started the day with a Birdie 3 on the 1st.
In 2nd place was Rex Barker(10), 77-67. Barker compiled 10 Par's, adding two birdies on the 3rd and 7th.  However a sluggish start to the back 9 cost Barker 1st place on countback.
1st place went to Stuart Campbell(13), 80-67. An inward 9 onf 39 gross took the spoils. 10 Par's led to two shot reduction of handicap just in time for the Turkey season.
Next Saturday is the Syd Ashworth trophy sponsored by Bill Ashworth.

David L McGuinness

Neville Peterson stableford sponsored by Shoprite

Last weekend was the Neville Peterson stableford sponsored by Shoprite. A field of 113 produced a CSS of 73. Conditions on the day were perfect for low scoring.
Best Senior went to Stuart Butler(16). Butler had 36 points and scored on 17 holes. The highlight of Butler's round was a birdie 3 on the first, backed up with a further five 3 pointers.
Phil Games(13) took the Category 3/4 prize with 39pts, losing out on the top 3 with a back nine of 19pts. Game's had an up and down round with ten 3 pointers.
Category 1/2 was won by Steve Jeffers(3) with 38pts.  Jeffers was not looking like being in the prizes after 17 holes, but a 5 iron approach on 18 ended up in the hole for 4pts.
In 3rd place was Gordon Drake(20) with 39pts, pipping Games with 20pts on the inward 9. The highlights for Drake were 4pts on the 5th&14th. 
Edging Drake with 21pts on the Inward 9 was Anthony O'Mahoney(6) with 39pts. O'Mahoney scored on all 18 holes, with 4 birdies including a 2 on the 8th.
Playing the front 9 in 8 pars and 1 birdie for 24pts was Colin E Magee(9).  Magee covered the final 9 in 18pts giving him a comfortable win with 42pts. Magee took the trophy scoring on every hole.
This Saturday is the Thomas Miller investment medal.
The Birdie tree is ending soon with Ross Dennett leading Category 1, Chris Lee Leads Frankie Doherty by 5 points in Category 2 and Chris Dunn leads Category 3/4.

David L McGuinness

Permanent Bank International report.

Last Saturday was the final Permanent bank International stableford. CSS was 73.

Picking up his 3rd seniors prize in Two months was Anthony Hopkins(20). Hopkins returned 36pts, with 7 Pars and scoring on every hole.
Robert Quine(18) took Category 3/4 with 38pts. Quine was also consistent, scoring on every hole with 6 Pars. Though a double bogey on 18 cost Quine a place in the top 3.
Returning two 9's of 19 points was good enough for Guy Pickard(6) to take Category 1/2. Also scoring on every hole Pickard's highlight was making   a two on the 8th.
Robin Mackenzie(20) took 3rd place, losing on countback over the last 9 holes. Mackenzie's 39pts were boosted by two Pars on holes 5 & 11 scoring 8 pts for his good play.
Taking 2nd place was Neil Cartwright(10). Cartwrights inward 9 of 19 was good enough to pip Mackenzie. Cartwright had 8 Pars and 1 birdie on the 3rd to narrowly miss out on 1st place.
Martin Derbyshire(19) took first place with 40pts. Like the rest of the prize winners, Derbyshire also scored on every hole, 4 Par's on the closing nine and 21 pts was good enough to take the top prize.
Saturday was the last of the 5 rounds sponsored by Permanent Bank International. Prizes for each category for the best 3 round total are as follows: Category 1 Dave Price 108pts, Cateory 2 Guy Pickard 109pts, Category 3 Francis Thoday 105pts and Category 4 Anthony Hopkins 106pts.
This Saturday is the Shoprite sponsored Neville Peterson Trophy.

David L McGuinness


Edging Charmer to 3rd place was Lewis Howland(6). Howland returned 20pts for both 9's giving him 40pts in total. Howland's highlights were birdies on the 4th, 5th & 18th. Thbirdie on 18 securing 4pts and 3rd place.
Early starter JJ Moore(5) had 71 gross, though 3 birdies on the outward 9 had  Moore turn in 24pts, his back 9 of 1 birdie and 3 bogies produced just 18 pts.  42pts was good enough to lead for most of the day.
In 1st place was Ross Byrne(17). Byrne's 45 points included birdies on the 3rd and 5th holes. Scoring on every hole with 8 Pars Byrne produced a very consistent round of golf and if he keeps it up his handicap will come  down further.

 Seventeen teams competed in a four person AmAm Sponsors' Day competition on Friday 18th September under lovely sunny calm skies.  The clear winners with a marvellous 98 pts were the Capital International Group (Chris Bell, Colin Dalton, Brian Monk and John Guilford) with Thomas Miller Investment second on 92 pts (Ian Jarrett, Frankie Doherty, Ross Dennett and Stuart Campbell) closely followed by Permanent Bank International (Barry Watts, Roy Clague, Ian Hodgkinson and John Webster) in third on 91 pts.  The 'nearest the pin' prizes were won by Frankie Doherty (8th), Brian Monk (13th) and Maier Gardner (16th).  Everyone enjoyed the golf followed by an enjoyable buffet prepared by the 19th.

This Saturday is the Permanent Bank International Shotgun start, Presentation 12.30.

Castletown Golf Club Report 12th September
Last Saturday was a Club Stableford in windy conditions. Many were put off by the weather as a field of 54 produced a CSS of 76.
 Best senior on the day was Anthony Hopkins(21). Hopkins had 33pts with an outward 9 of 20 but a sluggish 13 on the inward 9 stopped him from taking one of the main prizes.
 In 3rd place was Dave Quayle(3) with 35pts. A blob on the road hole was the only blemish on Quayle's card, an inward 9 with 8 Pars and only 1 bogey was impressive in the early conditions.
 Alan Rowe(6) took second place with 36pts. Rowe scored on every hole completing both 9's in 18pts. Though a six on the last cost Rowe 1st place.
 Taking 1st place(36pts) on count back was Keith Featherstone(15). Featherstone scored on every hole with an inward 9 of 19, with a 4 for 3pts on the last good enough to edge Rowe out of 1st place.
 Only 2 two's were recorded with Mark Teare and Chris Lee sharing the pot.
 This Saturday is the Heritage Homes sponsored Stableford.
David L McGuinness


Last Saturday was The SMP Partners Monthly Medal. A field of 103 produced a CSS of 73 in good conditions, with the wind strengthening as the day went on.

Taking the seniors prize with 90-75 was John Webster(15). Webster had a steady round with the highlight being a birdie 3 on the 4th.
Category 3/4 was won by Cal Kinmond(13), 88-75. Kinmond had 6 pars and was looking like having a better result until he recorded an 8 on the 18th.
Stephen Keegan(5) took the category 1/2 prize with 75-70. Keegan's round consisted of 11 Pars and 2 birdies. However bogies on 17 & 18 cost Keegan 2nd place.
In 3rd place was Darren Howland(12), 81-69. Howland birdied 1,7 & 12 but a bogey, double bogey finish led to Howland losing out on 2nd place on count back over last 6 holes. Howland and Mark Jones(15) both had inward 9's of 38. Jones 84-69 secured 2nd place. Jones recorded four 3's in his round but a nine on the roadhole cost Jones the medal.
Running away with the medal was Douglas Ross(9), 74-65. Ross played the last six holes in 2 under par, with 2's on 13&16.  Nine's of 39 & 35 added up to the lowest gross score on the day also. With 2 Ross's winning in the last 2 weeks Perhaps it will be Charlie's turn next week.
The SMP Partners aggregate nett prize for the best 4 rounds from 6 was won on count back by Doug Ross his score of 287  was matched by Sam Skelton(3) but Ross's 65 final round linched the prize. Skelton however took the Gross prize with 302 for 4 rounds.  
This Saturday is the Thomas Miller Investments Medal.

David L McGuinness

Castletown G.C Report 29th August..
 Last Saturday was the end of month Permanent Bank International Stableford. Breezy conditions produced a CSS of 73 and higher scoring than recent weeks.
 With a score of 34pts Ken Berry(22) took the seniors prize, the highlight being a 2 on the 13th.  2 blobs cost Berry a place in the main prizes.
 Category 3/4 was won by Keith Featherstone(15) with 36pts. Featherstone had a consistent round scoring on every hole, taking the prize with a back nine of 19pts.
 Chris Reynolds(9) also scored on every hole with the highlight being a birdie 3 on the 2nd hole. All adding up to 37pts.
 Taking 3rd place from Reynolds on count back was Peter Thomas(8) also with 37pts. 12 pars and 6 Bogies were good enough to be the best of the morning starters.
 Two players, Mike Williams(10) and Jack Ross(14) had 38pts. Williams going to the turn in 20pts, including a blob on the 8th. Ross turned in 16pts also not scoring on the 8th hole. However Ross played the last nine holes in 2 over gross and his 22pts on the inward 9 won the count back by 4pts. Ross getting a handicap reduction before returning to University.
This Saturday is The SMP partners sponsored Monthly Medal.
David L McGuinness



After a spate of three putting on Tuesday Paul Keeley (8) studied a Phil Mickelson short-game DVD and attributed this for his stellar performance in winning the President’s Cup with 44 points at Castletown on Saturday.
Hard hitting Keeley birdied the 3rd and 12th holes and his lovely level par round included a brace of 2’s after nonchalantly knocking in long putts on the 8th and the 16th. Never-the-less, dreaded three putts surfaced to bring about bogeys on the 2nd and 17th. Also, the video could not help Keeley avoid his only double bogey after finding an impossible lie in a greenside bunker on the 11th.

Terry Ditchfield (12) was two under par after four holes but came a cropper with an N/R on the Road Hole. Ignoring this he was effectively playing par golf right up until the final three holes. They cost him four shots, so he signed for 41 points and second place plus a share of the two’s pot on the 13th.

In third place with a gross 83, nett 69, for 40 points Fraser Grant (14) played a remarkably steady round with nothing worse than a gross bogey blighting his card.

As well as generously giving all competitors a drinks voucher our club president, Dave Bell, had organised separate competitions for the veterans and the ladies. Fittingly, three former club captains, Barry Watts (25) now (20), Tony Gawne (15) and Les Doherty (17), took the prizes with 49, yes 49 points!, 40 and 39 points respectively. Christina Skelly won the red tees competition with 34 points and our ladies’ captain Dawn Killa came second with 33.
No doubt raconteur Barry Watts will keep us entertained with a blow-by-blow account of his amazing round when, this Saturday lunchtime, he presides over the prize presentation for the Permanent Bank International sponsored Stableford competition which, as usual, has shotgun starts at 08:00 and 13:15.

On Bank Holiday Monday 31st August Business Doctor Ltd will be sponsoring a 4BBB open Stableford competition with nearest-the-pin prizes on all the par-three holes, so why not take the opportunity to invite your friends along?



115 players supported club member Brian Graham’s generously sponsored Stableford off the yellow tees at Castletown on Saturday. With the exception of Captain’s Day it is the highest number of entrants for any competition so far this year.
Ben Humbles (18), now cut to (15), made the most of the friendly format by smashing round in 79, nett 61, which equated to an astonishing 47 stableford points. Humbles hammered two nett eagles in the first three holes, and accumulated eight nett birdies, seven nett pars and just one nett bogey, falling foul to the infamous Road Hole. Latterly, he frittered four shots over the last five holes.
Conversely, slow starter Rex Barker, now off (11), fluffed five shots over four of his first five holes and then played precision par golf for the remainder of the round. Barker’s bogey on the 9th was balanced out by a brilliant birdie on the 12th so he signed for 43 points and second spot.
Another player who had a brace of nett eagles was Thomas Brook, now off (11). Two of his three birdies came on shot holes on the back nine which he completed in level par to card 42 points for third place. The category 1/2 winner David Quayle (3) had bookend birdies to start and finish his sub-par round of 71 for 40 points after just two bogeys and another nett eagle on the 11th.
Andrew McGee (23) N/R’d the 7th but over the other 17 holes amassed 39 points to step in with the category 3/4 award. Similarly, Chris Blackburn, now off (18), failed to finish with a flourish but blobbing the last hole didn’t detract from his senior section win with 39 points.
The Business Doctor Ltd sponsored mid-week Stableford also saw a spate of good scoring. Lady captain Dawn Killa (44pts), Dave Allan (42pts), Will Halsall (39pts plus nearest-the- pin) and Peter Thomas (38pts) all attracted the attention of the handicap committee. The final prize winner Anne Webster (36pts) escaped unscathed.
This Saturday Dave Bell will be hoping that his President’s Day competitions, off white, yellow and red tees, will entice an abundance of members to make an appearance.


In the first round of the 36 holes blue tees Harding Lewis Ltd sponsored Castletown Club Championship the winner Paul Eckersley (7) and runner-up Francis Thoday (13) both shot splendid nett 67’s. This put them three shots ahead of four players who each recorded nett 70’s. Andrew Davies (10) took third spot as his back nine was lower than Peter Thomas (8), Ross Dennett (3) and Andrew Lagden (8) respectively.
Jonathan Corke (+1) and Tom Gandy (+3) had both played in the afternoon when the wind had strengthened. Their enviable one under par gross 71’s underlined their undoubted abilities and it put them in a strong position for the prestigious club champion title.
Not all the front-runners were available to play in the final round on Sunday. Whether the overcast and windy conditions were contributory factors is unclear but, as is often the case, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Hence, the top seven places on the day were taken by category one players and the reduced field meant that only a best gross and best nett prize were awarded.  
Robert Braide (3) won the best nett prize with a 68 but unfortunately he dropped what proved to be an expensive shot on the very last hole. Scratch golfer Daryl Callister also had a costly bogey on the 11th which left him on 69 to take second place but no prize. His fine gross score was matched by five birdie hero Jonathan Corke (+1) who, after handicap adjustment, had to sign for a 70 which placed him third on the day. However, Corke captured the best gross prize as his back nine was completed in one less shot than Callister.
After compiling the scores from both rounds Corke was crowned the Castletown Club Champion. His (71+69) total of 140 was five shots better than Daryl Callister (76 +69) and Andrew Challenor (74+71) respectively. Francis Thoday (13) added a fighting three over par nett 75 to his first round 67 giving him the overall best nett title on 142. Corke equalled that score (72+70) and Robert Braide was one shot back with (75+68).
Les Doherty (19) was the run-away winner of the senior’s medal competition played off the yellow tees on Saturday. His splendid 83, nett 64, was six shots clear of Brian Eastham (17) and Adrian Copley (7). Graham Harris (13) thought his nett 67 was good enough for second place but, as the competition was only open to players aged 65 and above, all he got was a handicap cut! The same fate faced Stephen Charmer (20) and Iain Quine (10) who finished on nett 68.
Perhaps practice will make perfect as the Brian Graham sponsored Stableford being played this coming weekend will be off the yellow tees for everybody.



A tough course set-up was probably good preparation for the forthcoming Club Championship but nearly a third of the field failed to finish in the SMP Partners sponsored medal at Castletown on Saturday. Perhaps they need to improve their course management skills as almost as many survived without a handicap adjustment.
Topping the lot, as opposed to topping a lot, was Richard Creamore (11) who last won in wild weather back in early May. His nett 68 included two double bogeys and four bogeys but, with eleven pars and a lucrative two on the 8th, Creamore is inching closer to a single figure handicap.
Sam Skelton (4) added three birdies to his tally in taking second place on countback with an ultra-steady gross 73, nett 69. Gez Bradley (3) had four birdies by the turn and added another on the 12th. A couple of bogeys on the run-in left Bradley on level par to take third place and the lowest gross score.
The category 1/2 winner PJ Vermeulen (4) had two birdies and two bogeys before a couple of extra putts put him on 74, nett 70.  After an ugly eight on the Road Hole Neill Jacobs (18) had four double bogeys which expended most of his handicap. A brilliant birdie on the 17th enabled him to finish on nett 71 to capture category 3/4.
On nett 74, Anthony Hopkins (20) secured the senior section despite shooting a seven on four separate holes including the par three 8th. Whilst on the subject of super seniors, our hopes for a full and speedy recovery go out to Mike Everitt who was taken ill on the course.
In the midweek Business Doctor Ltd sponsored stableford Christine Kermeen (33) amassed 42 points to take top prize way ahead of Alan Harding (13), Irene Waterhouse (33), Scott Donald (4) and Malcolm Lambert (10) respectively. The nearest the pin winner was John Corrigan (13).

Don’t forget to book Saturday and Sunday tee times if you intend to compete in the 36 hole blue tees Harding Lewis Ltd sponsored Club Championship this coming weekend. A separate yellow tees competition will also be available.



Two category one golfers playing together in the Permanent Bank International sponsored Stableford on Saturday burnt-up the Castletown course shooting eight birdies between them. David Price (5) and Steven Boyd (2) both carded 40 points and couldn’t be separated on their back nine scores of 19 so the decision was based on the final six holes. Putting with precision Price purloined premier position by finishing the stronger of the two.
After twelve holes Price was standing at level par having snared three birdies and an equal number of bogeys. His fabulous four pointer on the 11th was crucial as he bogeyed his bogey hole, the 12th, and completed his card with five pars having already recorded a disappointing bogey on the 18th to finish with a gross 73.
The pair started on the 17th and Boyd slipped to two over par after bogeys on the 18th and 1st but three birdies in a row resurrected his round and he got to three under par following further birdies on the 10th and 12th. Boyd was two points ahead of Price at that point but a bogey on the 14th reduced the deficit to one. Price’s nett birdie on the stroke index (4) 15th made them all square points wise but even though Boyd finished with a gross 70 he was the countback casualty.
Kenny Berry (23) netted an albatross for five points on the 3rd making up in part for N/Rs on the next three holes. A stellar 23 points on the back nine enabled Berry to step in with 39 points and take third place on countback from Jack Yardley (13). Yardley also failed to score on the 4th and 5th but was just two over par on the second half to capture the category 1/2 prize.
Brian Eastham (18) successfully gave the elbow to his recent injury returning to record 36 points and take category 3/4 with 36 points. Rex Barker (12) once again supplemented his pension this time by securing the senior section with 34 points.    
In the midweek Business Doctor sponsored medal competition Scott Donald (5) shot a notable nett 63 to win by eight shots ahead of Ann Webster with Alan Harding, John Webster, Loni Evans and Stuart Campbell (nearest-the-pin) taking the remaining prizes.
The next in the SMP Partners sponsored medal competition awaits us this weekend.



Captain's Drive-In medal winner Bob Taylor (10) was placed third last week and on Saturday he landed another big one, by winning the Rossborough Private Clients sponsored stableford by five clear shots. On a day where the R&A stopped The Open Championship due to gale-force winds, our challenging conditions blew the CSS out to 75.
Taylor started with a birdie and added another on the 6th then finished the front nine with 21 points despite not scoring on the 3rd. He putted with aplomb using it conventionally to secure a lucrative two on the 13th and like a chipper on numerous other holes. It only let him down on the 15th, but he still netted 19 points making 40 in all. Taylor leads the player of the year list and at 70 years young is now off his lowest ever handicap (7.4).
Rex Barker (13) had two N/Rs and finished with a double bogey but eight pars and seven bogeys brought him 35 points and second place on countback just ahead of the ultra-steady Peter Thomas (9) who scored on every hole to take third place.
Another persistent player was John Tinsley (7) who took the category 1/2 prize with 34 points which included two birdies and nothing worse than a bogey. Charlie Ross (6), Anthony O’Mahony (7) and Paul Keeley (9) were all countback casualties for that prize. Category 3/4 winner Ken Berry finished 8th leading a group of six players who all salvaged 33 points as did the senior section winner Peter Miller (13) who overcame a poor start.
In the mid-week Business Doctor Ltd sponsored stableford Leon van Lier (20) won with 35 points just ahead of Anne Webster on countback. A point back Alan Harding (14) pipped Marlene Akitt and Rex Barker (13) with Mary van Lier taking the final prize with nearest the pin on the 13th.
There was a healthy turn-out for the Manx Cancer Help charity competition on Friday and in extremely windy conditions the winning team of Steve McGowan, Michael Chalmers, Chris and Mark Reynolds had an amazing score of 17 under par after their 9 shot handicap allowance. They enjoyed eight birdies and suffered no bogeys.
This Saturday there are two shotgun starts, 08:00 and 13:15, with the Permanent Bank International sponsored prize presentation in between.   




Apparently, it took the super-computer ‘Deep Thought’ seven and a half million years to calculate that the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42. That is also the percentage of players who N/R’d on Saturday, and it only took them just over four and a half hours to perceive that their world had temporarily come to an end.

One player who managed to avoid the picturesque Castletown rough in the July SMP Partners monthly medal was early starter Andrew Gerrard (6). His nett 70 score included birdies on the 6th and 11th and he suffered nothing worse than a bogey on any other hole. He attributed his win to having fast playing partners and employing a weaker grip on his driver to cure the dreaded hooks.

Tap-in birdies on the 1st and 4th enabled a level par front nine for David Price (5) who ended one shot back on nett 71 despite a sinful seven on the 12th when his ball bounced into a bush. Straight pars over the final five finishing holes helped place Price second.

In third place fisherman Bob Taylor (10) had no confidence when chipping so used his putter like a Texas wedge. This ploy was so proficient that he completed the course in 82 shots for a nett 72 even after bunker blues brought double bogeys on the 6th and 11th holes.

Also on nett 72 multi-times player of the year winner Dennis Moore (6) took the category 1/2 prize with nothing worse than a bogey. Andrew Marshall (21) used up his shot allowance over just three holes but five pars helped him hoist the category 3/4 prize with his nett level par round. Kevin Paige (13) shot the same score but lost on countback.
2015 Island Closed Championship finalist Andrew Challenor (+1) suffered two double bogeys but fired four birdies to win the lowest gross score prize with his super 74. There was quite a wait for the senior section winner Chris Williams (18) who recorded a nett 79. He would not have expected the award as three sevens and an eight blighted his card.
This weekend Rossborough Private Clients kindly sponsor a stableford.    


Castletown Golf Club 5th July 2015
Last Saturday was the delayed SMP Partners monthly medal for May. A field of 113 took to the links on a day with mixed conditions.  Early starters faired better as the wind increased as the day went on.
 The Seniors as a group struggled with the conditions. The Captain, Roy Clague(19), took the Seniors prize with 99-80.
 Best Category 3/4 was Alan Harding(14). Harding returned 86-72 with an impressive front nine of 41 including a birdie on the 1st. A sluggish 45 on the back nine cost Harding a place in the main prizes.
 Ross Dennett(3) had a roller coaster round, a front nine of 35 included only one Par and 4 birdies and an eagle. 38 on the inward half gave Dennett a total of 73-70. A 4 putt on the 5th costing Dennett 3rd place.
 In third place was Sam Skelton(4) with 73-69. Skelton covered the front nine in level par with 1 Par and 1 Bogey. More consistent play on the inward nine with one Bogey and 8 Pars secured the first of 2 prizes for the 1st group out.
 John Byrne(12) prepared well for his trip to Ireland this week, 79-67. Byrne had a mix of Pars and Bogies, the highlights of his round being Birdies on 6 and 13, the two being valuable as only 4 players recorded a 2 on Saturday.
 Another player from the first group out took the medal, Dave Quayle(4). Quayle had the lowest gross on the day with 70-66. 5 Birdies and 3 bogies saw Quayle turn in 37 and come home in 33, with a Birdie at the 18th taking 1st place.
 The Business Doctor competition on Wednesday was won by Christine Kermeen with 42pts.
  This Saturday is the SMP Partners monthly medal for July.
 David L McGuinness




Last weekend saw 3 days of golf at Castletown.  The traditional golf week being shortened to a weekend, with all 3 competitions being well supported.
First up was the Canaccord Genuity wealth management sponsored Alan Christian 4BBB. Wet weather for the early starters turned to sunshine by lunch.  Longest drive on the day was David McGuinness. Nearest the pin was Rob Bowen.  Best visiting pair was Ian Rotheram and Dave Murray with 36pts.  The top 3 places all had 39pts with Rex Barker and Simon Murray taking third after a sluggish back nine. In Second place was Ken Berry and Jeremy Frost.  Taking the trophy was the Lady Captain, Dawn Killa and Christine Kermeen.
On the Saturday was the Castletown Cup sponsored by Capital International. Longest drive was Ged Power and nearest the pin Robert Braide.  Best visitor from Peel GC John O'Callaghan(8)  returned 84-76.Taking 4th on countback was Robert Gardner(6) 80-74. In 3rd place with 75-74 was Chris Kneen(1).  In 2nd place was Stephen Keegan(4) 75-71, though 3 bogies to finish left Keegan short of the top prize.  Best Gross was Robert Braide(3) 73-70, a mixed bag of birdies and bogies.  Taking the trophy and a 3 shot reduction in handicap was John Dean(22) , Dean had a very steady 89-67.
 Sunday was an Am-Am in sunny conditions. In third Place Ben Humbles, Dave Hicks, Kevin Lewin and Barbi Carter with 86 points. Pipping them to second with 87pts was Joan Gibney, Pru Pell-Hilley, Sally Moodie and Anne Garrad.  In 1st place with 88pts was Anthony O'Mahoney, Bryan McMahon, Sean O'Connell and Dave Litton.
 This Saturday is May's postponed SMP Partners Monthly Medal.
 David L McGuinness


Last Saturday saw a field of 128 take part in Roy Clagues Captains Day. It rained until late morning giving the late starters the better conditions.
Longest drive went to Iain Quine on the 11th hole. The nearest the pin on the 13th hole was taken by John Byrne, securing the prize early on with a hole in one.
Peter Thompson(19) took the best senior prize with 37pts. A slow start with 16pts on the front 9, Thompson covered the final 9 holes in 21pts including 3 pars to finish.
Losing out on the back 9 for a top 3 finish was John Webster(16). Websters 39pts included 6 nett birdies, collecting the category 3/4 prize.
Jon Corke(0) had a gross 70 in the rain on his way to 38pts and the category 1/2 prize. Highlights of Corkes round were birdies on 10,11 & 13.
Tony Gawne(15) and  Mark Kneale(15) were tied on 39pts for 2nd and 3rd place.  Gawne had a steady round, scoring on all holes but could not match Kneales 22pts on the inward nine with a birdie on 15 being the highlight.
40pts was good enough for Paul Reid(11) to take 1st place. Reid also scored on every hole with birdies on the 2nd and 8th.

This Saturday is the Castletown Cup sponsored by Capital International.

David L McGuinness




Philip Vermeulen (13) had a purple patch playing par golf from the 8th to the 15th to secure the mid-week Business Doctor Limited sponsored stableford competition with 40 points. His daughter Loni Evans missed out on countback for second place with 38 points, but landed 4th spot ahead of Philip’s wife Louna Vermeulen who earned fifth prize with 36. Some funds were transferred outside of the course owner’s family as nearest-the-pin winner Keith Featherstone (16) also pipped Stuart Campbell (13) for second spot in the three way countback.

Seamus Nugent (16) concluded with three bogeys but completed the back nine in four over par to stay two shots clear of the field and win the Standard Bank sponsored medal competition on Saturday. His topsy-turvy front nine started with a beautiful birdie and included three double bogeys, two bogeys and three pars, so Nugent netted a 67, gross 83.

Two players tied on nett 69 to dispute second place which went to Andy Marshall (22) on countback as Dave Bell (22) finished with two double bogeys. Both players posted five pars and might have won had they not suffered quadruple bogeys on the 6th and 7th holes respectively. Michael Charmer ‘s (4) tidy two over par 74 nett 70 best gross round was three better than his nearest rivals.

Paul Eckersley (8) tapped in a two on the 8th and played 17 holes in four over par. A sinful seven on the 7th saw him finish on 78, nett 70 to capture the category 1/2 prize. Stuart Butler (16) parred half the course and was on target for a nett 65 with just four holes to play. Unfortunately, he faltered to the finish line with an 87, nett 71 to collect the category 3/4 award.

It is Captain’s Day this coming Saturday and Dr Roy Clague looks forward to welcoming you all.

Finally, don’t forget to reserve your tee times on the Links new website for the forthcoming open weekend of golf. It starts with the Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management sponsored 4BBB on Friday 26th June.

The Capital International sponsored Castletown Cup takes place on Saturday 27th and culminates with an AM-AM on Sunday 28th June. Visitors will be charged £30 per competition reducing to £27 if played with a member. Generous prizes are on offer for the daily putting contests. Bring the family along, there will be live music and a barbeque on the deck on the Sunday afternoon.




Good weather produced great scores in the mid-week Business Doctor Limited sponsored stableford. Stephen Smythe (22) smote a nett hole-in-one on the par four 15th and it brought him five points from a birdie which turned into an albatross. Following up with a nett par and two nett birdies Smythe scored a third of his winning 39 points over the last four holes.

Ignoring an N/R on the Road Hole Alan Harding (15) had nothing worse than a bogey on the other 17 holes for 38 points, second place and a handicap cut. Nearest-the-pin winner Anderson Whamond (13) scored on every hole to take third place on 37 points just ahead of Keith Featherstone (16) on the same score. Loni Evans (nee Vermeulen) appropriately won the ‘best lady’ prize in her first competition since her honeymoon.

Weather-wise we were not so lucky on Saturday in the SMP Partners sponsored month medal. The wind did blow and forty percent of the field failed to field so the CSS was stretched to 76. No one managed to beat their handicap although scratch golfer Jonathan Corke came closest on 75 which was five shots less than anybody else. His winning score included two birdies, eleven pars and no double bogeys.

Our competition secretary David McGuinness (9) made a welcome return to the winner’s rostrum with 85 nett 76 for second place. It could have been better had he not started with a triple bogey and finished with a silly six.  Steven Boyd (2) also benefitted from the calmer conditions in the afternoon. His double bogey on the 9th was balanced out by a birdie on the 12th enabling him to finish third with 80, nett 78.

This weekend Standard Bank are kindly sponsoring another medal competition so we should all be well acclimatised for the Capital International sponsored Castletown Cup which takes place on Saturday 27th June.

Rather than a golf week our open weekend of golf starts with the Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management sponsored 4BBB on Friday 26th June and the winners will receive the Alan Christian Trophy. On Sunday 28th June the club is sponsoring an AM-AM. Ladies are welcome to play in both of these competitions. Visitors will be charged £30 per competition reducing to £27 if played with a member.

In addition, over the three day golfing extravaganza the course owners are offering generous prizes for their fun nine hole putting contests and there should be live music and a barbeque on the deck at No:19 on the Sunday afternoon. Flyers have been posted in all Manx golf clubs and details can be found online or by calling 822211.


REPORT FOR 30th MAY 2015


Scott and Duncan Donald (9) were flummoxed by how to record their scores in the mid-week Business Doctor Limited sponsored bogey competition but that did not stop them purloining the top two prizes. Scott’s luscious level par round was five better than his handicap so he finished on +5 to defeat his dad by three clear points. Kevin Madin (15) was third on +1 with our vice-captain Chris B Kelly (11) fourth on -1. Dawn Sissons was the first lady home.

A countback was needed in Saturday’s Permanent Bank International sponsored stableford competition. The winner Gareth Morris (12) blasted birdies on the 2nd and 15th and concluded the back nine in one over par for 23 of his 40 points to take the top prize. Apart from a double bogey on the 4th second placed Rex Barker (14) carded two or three points on every hole and must have had visions of winning with his 20/20 score.

In third place with 39 points fisherman Bob Taylor (11) lamented the slippery blighters that got away after poor putts caused double bogeys on the 5th and 8th holes but he landed a birdie two on the 13th to supplement his winnings. Talking of twos Ross Dennett (3) started with an eagle and added another two on the 16th to complete the course in level par to capture the category 1/2 prize with 39 points. Les Gale (13) led a list of seven players all on 37 points to take category 3/4. Anthony Hopkins (20) secured the senior’s section with the same score.   

Between the shotgun starts the lunchtime prize presentation was a somewhat subdued occasion as the sad news of the passing of our past president Mike Henthorn was announced and thus explained why the Castletown Golf Club flag was flying at half-mast. Mike with his quick wit will be much missed and his memorial service at St George’s Church, Douglas on Thursday 4th June at 16:00 is sure to be well attended.

It was perhaps poignant that after a minutes silence, followed by spontaneous sympathetic applause, Nick Watson representing Aon Insurance Managers, Mike’s former employer, was in attendance to present the Aon Cup to last week’s worthy winner Iain Quine.

This Saturday we compete in the next round of the SMP Partners sponsored month medal.   


REPORT FOR 23rd MAY 2015


Conor Byrne (5) won the mid-week Business Doctor Limited sponsored stableford competition with a lovely level par round for 41 points after three birdies cancelled out a bogey and a disappointing double bogey on the par three 8th.

Cricketer Ollie Steriopulos (17) hit three sixes and had a ball over the boundary on the Road Hole, none of which is recommended when playing golf! However, he hoisted 40 points for second place on countback. Doug Ross (9) N/R’d the 2nd then birdied the 5th in a tidy round to slip into third place. Gareth Morris (12) scored 24 of his 39 points with a luscious level par back nine to take fourth place ahead of Julie Amphlett who was the first lady home. Paul Keeley nailed the nearest-the-pin prize.

Good weather greeted golfers for the Aon Cup on Saturday and our thoughts turned to poorly past president Mike Henthorn who would love to have joined us for the stableford competition which is generously sponsored by his former employer. The scores reflected the calm conditions with no less than 22 players beating their handicaps.

Iain Quine (12) captured the cup with 42 points after just three bogeys on the front nine and a birdie on the 12th to counteract his double bogey on the 14th. Two other bogeys over the closing holes saw him sign for a 78, nett 66. In second place Dave Allan (12) scored 40 points over 17 holes having failed to finish the 4th. His four pointer nett eagle on the 10th led to a scintillating second half which he completed in one over par.

Mike Everitt (13) scored a beautiful birdie for four points on the 15th and in a round free from double bogeys he carded 40 points for third place after countback ahead of Will Laughlin (14) who had to settle for the category three/four prize. Jack Yardley (12) completed his back nine in two over par to convert category one/two with 39 points. George Ferguson (19) secured the senior’s section with 36 points.

This Saturday is the Permanent Bank International sponsored stableford with shotgun starts either side of the lunchtime prize presentation.


Castletown Golf Club Report 17th May 2015

Saturday was the Simcocks sponsored stableford. 97 played in strong cold winds, leading to a CSS of 73.
Best senior with 33pts was Andrew Marshall(22). Marshall covered the 2nd nine holes in 20 points, with 3 nett birdies helping his late charge.
Category 3/4 was taken with a better inward half by Ernie Russell(13). 3 nett birdies in the last 5 holes took Russell to 34pts.
Simon Willoughby(12) took Category 1/2 with 35 points. Willoughby had a steady round scoring on all 18 holes, his back nine of 18 points was good enough to break a 3 way tie for the prize.
In 3rd place was Iain Quine(12), also with 35 points. Quine had 6 nett birdies and 1 birdie on the 3rd. An up and down round good enough for a prize.
Rex Barker(15) was 2nd with 38pts. Barker also had six nett birdies, though not scoring on holes 5 & 10 stopped him taking the trophy.
In 1st place with 39pts was Chris Dunn(15). Dunn played the last 9 holes in a dazzling 23pts. Saving his best to last Dunn birdied the 18th hole for 4 points, securing the win by a point.

The Business Doctor on Wednesday was won by Terry Cassidy(80) with 77-69. Best lady was Emma Harris(1) with 75-74.

This Saturday is the Aon Trophy, Stableford. 

David L McGuinness 



Castletown Golf Club Report 10th May 2015

Last Saturday was the Thornton Associates Blue Tee stableford. A field of 116 led to a CSS of 73.
A separate comp for over 65's was played from the white tee's, with Alan Harding the winner with 37pts.  

Best senior from the blue's went to Tony Gawne(15) with 31pts. The extra length of the blue tee's proving difficult for the over 65's.

Scoring on every hole to take Category 3/4 was Ash Osborne(13) with 38pts. The highlights of Osborne's steady round were birdies on 1, 13 & 17.

Taking Category 1/2 was Paul Reid(12) with a better back nine than Dave Evans(12). Reid had an inward half of 21pts, with a birdie on 14 securing him 4pts.

In 3rd place overall, with 39pts, was Andrew Lagden(8). Lagden played the last nine holes in 21pts also, 36 shots for the inward nine with a 2 on 13 was enough to sneak 3rd.

40pts was good enough for 2nd place for Matthew Wickers(25), although poor finishes to both nines cost  Wickers 1st place.

1st place was taken by Mark Reynolds(23) with 43pts. Reynolds blobbed holes 4&5, but 3x 4pts and 6x 3pts made up for a poor start. Reynolds was pleased to have an extra shot taken from his handicap before a trip to Southport!

Just misssing out on the prizes with 38 pts was Andrew Challenor(+1). Though his gross 69 deserves at least a mention.  Becoming a father for the 2nd time is obviously agreeing with him so far.

The two Business Doctor sponsored competions were won by Phillip Vermeulen(13) and Fergal McKenna(21).

This Saturday is the Simcocks sponsored Stableford.

David L McGuinness



Strong winds hampered scoring in the mid-week Business Doctor Limited sponsored qualifying competition at Castletown on Wednesday. Consequently, Chris Lee (8) did well to win with 31 stableford points and, just for good measure, he half-inched the nearest the pin prize on the 13th.

In second place with 29 points Simon Murray (4) frustratingly ‘faded’ two Pro V1’s into the sea on the infamous Road Hole. His specially trained sniffer dog had originally found them and many others long ago, so he was not too worried about the financial loss, but he did curse his consistency!

Marryann Dunn was the first lady home and took third place on countback ahead of the other prize winners, Mel Jansen and Mair Gardner. They each scored 27 points in various permutations but mostly with the wicked wind.

The SMP Partners-sponsored monthly medal competition was postponed due to inclement weather on Saturday. However, the competition was converted to a club stableford to cater for those desperate for their weekend fix. Thus 31 players set out but only 18 returned, or were brave enough to enter their scores. The rest of us sheltered from the squalls sipping coffee and quaffing cakes in Langness No:19.

Richard Creamore (13) endured the worsening conditions and added 13 points to his impressive outward 18 to make a winning total of 31. A wind assisted birdie on the 3rd was negated by an N/R on the 9th but his persistence paid off despite a batch of bogeys and double bogeys on the back nine.

'When the going gets tough, the tough gets going' stated John F Kennedy’s father Joseph. Well, there are few tougher competitors than our multi-times island champion Julian Sutton (1). He stroked in two birdies, eight pars and five bogeys although three N/Rs restricted his score to 28 points for second place.

If you started with an N/R and suffered two more on the front nine would you carry on? Perhaps you would if you had also parred the 3rd, 5th and 6th holes as John Byrne (13) had done. With dogged determination Byrne battled on to 27 points for third place even after another to two N/Rs on a decidedly damp back nine.

Let’s hope for calmer conditions as Thornton Associates Ltd are kindly sponsoring a blue tees stableford this coming weekend.   



Girl power was evident again in the mid-week Business Doctor Limited sponsored qualifying competition. Marlene Akitt, Jackie Fisher and Elizabeth Stirling made the most of their (36) handicaps posting 43, 42 and 41 points respectively. Your humble hack (10) took the token ‘best man’ prize with 40 points and Stephanie Gregg (36) was the incongruous ‘best woman’ prize winner on the same score. Mair Gardner (16) demonstrated her accuracy by taking the nearest-the-pin prize.

Francis Thoday (13) was the countback king in the Permanent Bank International sponsored stableford on Saturday. Thoday had bunker blues on the 3rd, his starting hole, but eventually ended the front nine with 19 points thanks to a birdie two on the 8th. A further four pointer was carded on the 10th and Thoday’s tap-in par on the next helped him to another impressive 19 points on the back nine.

In second place scratch golfer Daryl Callister nonchalantly knocked his Pro V1 round in 70 shots for 38 points. He lost on countback having bogeyed the shortest hole. Up to then he had been three under par after birdies on the 5th, 9th and 10th.

Mark Grace (16) was the third countback casualty. He completed a noteworthy four over par first half even with a seven on the Road Hole. Having accumulated 22 points Grace could afford to bogey every hole on the inward half but a slippery seven on the 12th spoilt the sequence, so he limped in with 16 points for third place.

The category 1/2 winner with 37 points was Iain Quine (12) who birdied the 4th but had an N/R on the 13th and two double bogeys in an otherwise tidy round. Category 3/4 went to Peter Purcell (13) who scored seven pars over the last ten holes to haul himself up to 36 points after an eight over par front nine. Peter Thomas (9) secured the senior section with 35 points even with three double bogeys blighting his card.

At the lunchtime prize presentation former Castletown pro Andy Patterson was warmly welcomed and presented with a certificate of appreciation to mark his five years of friendly and helpful service to the club.

This weekend SMP Partners kindly sponsor the second in their series of monthly medals.




The planned mid-week Business Doctor Limited sponsored qualifying competition unexpectedly had to be cancelled due to hollow tining taking place. Hence, the greens were not the only thing that became aerated! As far as some members are concerned there is never a convenient time for such essential, but disruptive, course maintenance.

Subsequently, positive putters, good at imparting top-spin, were at an advantage in the Fuller’s London Pride EGU Gold Medal qualifier on Saturday. Whilst many of us were merely joining the dots, the winner Anderson Whamond (15) wafted his way round in 79, nett 64, to pluck the prize by four clear shots.

Starting with a six footer birdie Whamond finished the front nine at three over par despite a careless double bogey on the Road Hole. Two further bogeys and a tap-in birdie on the 15th meant Whamond stood on the 16th tee at a fantastic four over par. This triggered his defensive mechanisms, so three bogeys blighted his triumphant finish. Whamond was quick to compliment the green-staff as the slower surface suited his style of play. Perhaps he could ask them to do it again for the island knock-out round which also takes place at Castletown!

In second place with nett 68 Warren Rainey (12) had one blemish, a triple bogey seven, which came on the 9th when he scalped his tee shot just 40 yards into the rough. Rainey completed the other 17 holes in a fabulous five over par including a glorious thirty footer for a birdie on the Road Hole followed by another on the wind assisted 12th.

Ged Power (4) had a game of two halves; four over followed by three under, adding up to a best of the day gross 73 for third place on nett 69 and some valuable points in the captain’s charity birdie tree competition. Charlie Ross (7) captured the category 1/2 prize on the same nett score, but will be disappointed with finishing with three bogeys after back-to- back birdies left him at one over par after 15 holes.

With a nett 70 the category 3/4 winner Paul Reid (14) showed his undoubted class with nine pars and a birdie, but two double bogeys and an ugly snowman (8) on the 11th hampered his progress back to a single figure handicap. Despite a naughty nine on the 17th Stuart Butler (17) secured the senior section with 89 nett 72.

This Saturday is the Permanent Bank International sponsored stableford with shotgun starts either side of the lunchtime prize presentation.




Loni Vermeulen (21) is enjoying extracting extra pocket-money from her father. However, the task may get harder after her three shot handicap reduction to (18) following back-to-back wins in the mid-week Business Doctor Limited sponsored qualifying competition. Shooting a splendid 44 points Vermeulen was six clear of Gary Gilbert (6).

There was a four way fight for third and fourth place on 37 points. The spoils went to Terence Cassidy (8) and Mair Gardner respectively with Malcolm Lambert (10) and Kevin Madin (15) missing out. Incongruously, Stephanie Gregg was awarded the ‘best lady’ prize with 35 points and there was no nearest the pin prize due to an administrative oversight.

Castletown member Gwynn Williams generously sponsored the club stableford on Saturday. With strong wind following the overnight rain the course was far from easy as was evidenced by the CSS being stretched to 75. Neil Cartwright (10) vindicated his move from Mount Murray by carting-off his fourth prize this year. Winning with 34 points Cartwright scored on every hole, but it was his four pointer birdie on the 18th which brought home the bacon.

The count-back casualty was young Fraser Grant (16) who had a purple patch from the 8th to the 13th, which he completed in one over par. Grant really has the golfing bug as, according to his father, he has played every day over the school holidays.

David Campbell (18) went ‘off-roading’ on the 5th but a lucrative birdie on the par three 13th put him back on track to take third-place with 33 points. Retired banker Rodney Jackson (7) cashed-in to collect the category 1/2 award on 33 points. Despite three blobs Terry Ditchfield (13) dug-in to deliver seven pars over the last ten holes and harvest category 3/4 with 31 points. Tony Gawne (15) secured the senior’s section on the same score.

This weekend is the London Pride EGU gold medal qualifier and, in recognition of Andy Patterson’s very hard work in the pro-shop over more than five years, you will also have an opportunity to contribute to his collection for a farewell present.




High winds on April Fool’s Day caused the cancellation of The Business Doctor Ltd sponsored 18 hole mid-week qualifying competition. On Saturday 105 competitors supported the first in the series of SMP Partners sponsored monthly medals.

Chris Westerman (23) a ‘winter special 2013’ golf convert won by a country mile. His nett 61 was six shots clear of the field. Even Westerman’s bad shots turned out well. This was typified by his topped approach shot on the Road Hole which miraculously stopped short of the bunkers. It led to his only six on a card which otherwise contained seven gross pars and ten bogies.

In second place on nett 67 Jeff Magee (13) used half his shot allocation after the first five holes. Resigned to having a poor round Magee relaxed and subsequently played the final thirteen holes in a remarkable two over par!

One has to feel somewhat sorry for scratch golfer Jonathan Corke who blitzed round in a fantastic five under par. He birdied a third of the holes, suffered just one bogey, but had to settle for third place.

John Lee (16) captured the category 3/4 award with a splendid nett 68 despite a triple bogey and two double bogeys. The category 1/2 prize deservedly went to Andrew Challenor (+1) who carded three under par for a nett 70. Peter Thompson (20) also posted a nett 70 to secure the senior section.

In a statement from club captain Roy Clague we have been informed by the Links that our PGA pro Andy Patterson has left and the golf shop is now closed for four weeks for refurbishment and restocking. In the message, which the majority of members would echo, our captain thanked Andy for his dedicated hard work, friendly and helpful service and wished him and his wife, Karen, every success for the future.

Patty has confirmed that he intends to honour all members’ vouchers which have been lodged with him. Consequently, he has opened a pop-up pro golf shop in Callow’s Yard, Castletown with his existing and new stock.  Patty says that he looks forward to welcoming all customers and he can be contacted on 466996 or via email: if you wish to confirm a credit balance or discuss the excellent deals available.




It certainly was Ladies Day at Castletown last Wednesday. Four out of five of the primary prizes in the Business Doctor Ltd 18 hole mid-week qualifying competition went their way. Loni Vermeulen was the runaway winner with 38 points. Marlene Akitt acquired second with 35 points just ahead of Leon Van Lier on the same score. Christine Kermeen came fourth with 34 points and Mair Gardner was awarded, on this occasion, the incongruously named ‘best lady’ prize for her splendid 34. Richard Dunn flew the flag for the men by winning nearest-the-pin on the 13th.

Saturday suffered squally showers seeing sixty sturdy souls support the Isle of Man Hearing Solutions sponsored bogey competition.  The worthy winner of the Woods Cup was Phil Games (13) the CEO of Simcocks Advocates. By his own admission Games played a bit like a metronome, his score ticking back and forth between -1, 0 and +1 where he finally finished. Suffering from some chunky chips Games compensated by putting well, particularly from off the green, as exemplified by his extravagant forty-footer for a nett eagle on the 15th.

In second place with a level (0) score Tim Shallcross (18) played to his handicap free from fear of bunkers following an illuminating coaching session with PGA pro Andy Patterson on Thursday. Standing at -3 on the 8th tee, Shallcross proceeded to par all three short holes, for his first time ever, finishing strongly and eradicating his deficit.

Prolific prize winner Alan Rowe (6) was at +2 after seven holes but slipped back to -1 following a lull between the 8th and the 12th. However, a £15 birdie on the 13th re-energized Rowe who had a nett birdie on the 15th which brought him back to zero for third place.

Due to the reduced field there were no category prizes awarded but Frankie Doherty (7), with his new professionally fitted driver, and Stuart Campbell (13) would have won them on -1. However, John Lee (16) did secure the senior section prize with -2.

This Saturday is the first in the series of SMP Partners sponsored monthly medals.




Our vice-captain Chris B Kelly (11) returned from holiday to win the Business Doctor Ltd sponsored qualifying competition by a fabulous five shots with a superb nett 67 at Castletown on Wednesday. Leon Van Lier (21) landed second with 72. Bob Taylor (12) netted third with 75 on countback ahead of fourth-placed Guy Pickard (6). Louna Vermeulen was the first lady home on 79 and early starter Michael Wynne-Smythe smote the nearest-the-pin shot on the 13th.

This weekend there were shotgun starts either side of the winter season prize presentation but the main event was the Captain’s drive-in. Firstly, Dr Roy Clague was presented with a commemorative plaque by our president Dave Bell and then the assembled members loudly applauded his stylish tee-shot which travelled 204 yards.

Bob Taylor continued his rich vein of form to capture the captain’s gold medal with 40 stableford points, ten of which were accumulated over his last three holes. Having parred the 18th for a nett birdie he shot a real birdie on the 1st. Two mighty blows later Taylor faced a slippery three footer down and across the slope on his final hole, the 2nd. Taylor started the ball a good 18 inches on the high side and drained it for an impressive nett eagle and four fantastic points.

In second place on countback Jeff Magee (14) tragically missed three one foot putts and still stepped in with 39 points despite unrelated blobs on the 9th and 12th.  However, Magee did finish on a high note with a lucrative two on the 8th.

Paying tribute to the wonders of Trackman and his golf lesson with Patty on Thursday Frankie Doherty (7) used his new Ping G30 driver to shape shots at will.  Unfortunately, with expectations running high Doherty three putted his final three holes to finish third; winning enough to fund a putting lesson or a golf psychology book perhaps!

Lord Gort (3), the winter eclectic best gross prize winner, collected the category one/two award with three birdies and just two bogeys, although a blob on the 18th restricted his score to 38 points. On the same score but with three blobs prolific 12 hole competition winner John Corlett (13) won the category three/four prize. Andrew Marshall (23) secured the senior section with 37 points and just two passes.    

This weekend Isle of Man Hearing Solutions kindly sponsor the Woods Cup which traditionally is a bogey competition.



A very successful St Patrick's Day Golf Competition, with prizes kindly sponsored by Steve McGowan, was played on the wonderful Castletown Golf Course in almost ideal golfing weather, just a little on the cool side.  Following bacon bap and drinks the course was full with 21 groups playing an Individual Stableford with a shotgun start at 1.00pm. 

 It was a close fought contest with Phillip Hassall, current Captain of Ramsey GC and a previous member at Castletown GC, winning with an excellent score of 40pts from Will Halsall (38pts), Steve McGowan (38pts), Les Doherty (36pts) and Stuart Butler (36pts).  The best ladies' prize was won by Gaynor Lees (32pts).  The wooden spoon was awarded to Kevin Maddin.  The nearest the Pin winners were Keith Bernard (8th) and Dawn Sissons (16th).  My sincere congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all competitors for supporting the event.  I'm grateful to Richard Power for walking around the golf course taking photographs of all the players.

On completion of golf players filled the club house for drinks and camaraderie.  After a few word from the Men’s Captain, the raffle was drawn by the Ladies' and Men's Captains and the competition prizes presented by Steve McGowan.  Everyone appeared to enjoy the day and the Men's Captain's charity - The Manx Stroke Foundation - has benefitted from in excess of £1,200 thanks to everyone's generosity.   A big thank you to all those who helped with arrangements either before or on the day, but especially our hard working Competitions' Secretary, David McGuinness.

Roy Clague
Castletown GC



It was real Jekyll and Hyde weather on Wednesday for the Business Doctor Ltd sponsored 12 hole stableford. Nobody was mad enough to venture out until a sudden transformation in the afternoon. Your humble hack (9) had 25 points and was nearest the pin. Simon Murray (4) was next with 23 followed by Alan Harding (15) on 22. Jax Fisher (36) was the first lady home. Alas, too few competitors meant our efforts were in vain.

Conditions also favoured late starters on Saturday in the final round of the winter league played off the yellow tees. First with a fantastic 44 points, but still only winning on countback, was the elegant swinging Andy Dent (13). Back-to-back birdies on the 2nd and 3rd were followed by another on the 12th and Dent completed the course in five over par.  

In second-place Doug Ross (14) fired four birdies and stood at level par after fifteen amazing holes amassing 41 points. However, Ross failed to finish the 16th and hobbled home with double bogey, bogey for his relatively disappointing 44.

There was another card play-off for third-place which went to Michael Kinmond (12) courtesy of four birdies including his all important four-pointer on the last. Kinmond and the category three/four prize winner Martin Derbyshire (20) both accumulated 43 points and had to be separated based on the last three holes.

David Price (5) went round in one under par for 42 points after five birdies and four bogeys to capture category one/two. Chris B Kelly (13) won the senior section with 41 points the same as Steve McGowan (12) who was out of the prizes at seven over par including a double bogey on the shortest hole.

There was a two-way tie to determine the overall winner of the winter league – best two scores from three rounds - which went to Paul Eckersley (9) for his 38 + 45 total of 83 stableford points. Second-placed Sam Skelton (5) was just too consistent with 42 + 41.

This weekend there are shotgun starts either side of a prize presentation and the Captain’s drive-in. Dr Roy Clague will welcome your support.





Alan Harding (15) won the Business Doctor Ltd sponsored midweek 12 hole stableford competition. His 25 points was one better than playing partner Bob Taylor (12) who landed his fourth prize in this series. However, that pales in comparison with four times winner John Corlett (13) who carded 22 points for third place.

Our captain Roy Clague (19) was awarded fourth spot ahead of Chris Blackburn who matched him on 21 points. Loni Vermeulen (22) was the first lady home and our president Dave Bell rang up yet another nearest the pin prize with his ‘worm worrier’ on the 13th.

The wicked wind created crazy golf conditions on Saturday. Some over-hit putts were blown back into the hole and others disappeared off the greens. From the 8th to the 10th players could barely stand let-alone ‘swing with ease into the breeze’. Miraculously, the above mentioned Alan Harding scored points on every hole. Unfortunately, he was denied doing the double because too many competitors walked in.

On Sunday the penultimate round of the winter eclectic took place in practically perfect conditions, compared to Saturday that is! Ian Rigby (22) put his recent golf lesson with pro Andy Patterson into practice winning emphatically with 42 points. After a regulation 18 points on the front nine Rigby revelled on the relatively easier back nine to post an enviable 24 points with a nett eagle, four nett birdies and four nett pars.

Keith Featherstone (16) was placed second with 39 points having also had a splendid second half. Taking just 39 shots his four over par inward total was worth 22 points. Placed third, but alas out of the prizes, new member Jackie McKnight (18) did it the other way round. He added just 12 points to his marvellous outward 24.

There is a four man AM-AM this Saturday and the last round of the winter eclectic takes place on Sunday. Finally, why not dash down to the pro shop where Patty is holding an end of season sale?




High winds put paid to the winter eclectic competition last Sunday but there is no truth to the rumour that marram grass now sprouting forth from bunker faces was blown here from the Point of Ayre. The hardworking green-keepers have been busily plugging away and have also unearthed an old tee box which is being renovated for use with the soon to be seeded new 18th fairway.

Simon Murray (4) had a super sub-par round to register a win with 28 points in the Business Doctor Ltd twelve hole midweek stableford competition. Rex Barker (15) was second with 27, and one point back Les Gale (13) blew out Jonathan Clague in the third and fourth place play-off. Jenny Kelly was the first lady home and Malcolm Lambert nabbed nearest the pin on the 13th.

On Saturday prolific prize purloiners Alan Rowe (6) and Neil Cartwright (10) added to their cache aided and abetted by Alex Townell (8) and ex pro tour player Johnny Evans (+3). The Texas Scramble played off twenty percent of combined handicaps only required three drives apiece but Evans’ efforts were used on six occasions.

Apart from tap in twos on the 8th and 16th Evans drove the green for an eagle on the 4th and was just ten yards from the fringe with his drive on the 18th.  The others all fired four tees shots each. Cartwright carded four birdies from his. Townell tonked in three birdies whilst Rowe rendered just one but his accurate approach shots often put them in pole position. Hence, they romped round in 14 under par to post 58 nett 53.8.

With 69, nett 54, Ben Humbles (18), Jonathan Wild (18), Tim Shallcross (18) and Fergal McKenna (21) came second on countback. They shot four birdies and one bogey but their nett 27 back nine was two better than Frankie Doherty (8), Mark Teare (6), Ross Byrne (16) and new member Mark Haywood (5).

This Saturday is an individual stableford in the winter series played off the yellow tees. However, the winter eclectic on Sunday will be played from the whites.




Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of eight scorecards from the seventh round of the winter eclectic competition held last Sunday. Hence, for now, the winner with 38 points on a three way countback is Greg Easten (13). Scratch player Jonathan Corke had an eagle and four birdies in his two under par round for provisional second place. Frankie Doherty (8), second last week, could bag third place this time.

The Business Doctor Ltd twelve hole midweek stableford may have to be renamed the John Corlett Benefit as he won the £35 top prize for the fourth time on Wednesday. Corlett (13) was once again the countback king, his 21 points pipping Ged Power (4). On 20 points Jonathan Clague (16) out-trumped the men’s vice-captain Chris B Kelly (13) in the card play-off. Our other vice-captain Dawn Sissons was the first woman home and her cunningly crafted chip and run finished nearest the pin on the 13th.

112 members competed in the 4BBB on Saturday which was won with a stunning 49 points by John Stevens (20) and Doug Ross (14). They dovetailed to perfection shooting nine nett birdies and seven nett pars, but their crowning glory was Stevens’ nett eagle on the 10th with Ross following suit on the 18th.

Robert Quine (17) and Jimmy Kelly (9) were just one point back in second place. They also had two nett eagles; Quine on the 10th and Kelly on the 14th. A double bogey for a paltry point on the 16th cost them the cup.

Ashley Osborne (14) and Richard Corke (5) came third on countback with 45 points, just ahead of serial prize winner Frankie Doherty and Foley Gort (3) who was one lord a leaping following his marvellous hole-in-one on the 133 yards lucky 13th.

This Saturday it is a Texas Scramble and don’t forget to enter our St Patrick’s Day charity event being held at 1:00pm on 17th March on behalf of the Manx Stroke Foundation. The entry fee is £15 or £30 for visitors and includes a bacon bap and tea or coffee. Call 822211 to reserve your place.




There was a photo finish to the sixth round of the winter eclectic competition last Sunday. The winner, Kyle McConnell (13), hit nine pars for his 39 points and Frankie Doherty (8) had two birdies and ten pars for his. However, their scores could only be separated on the final hole. One point back PJ Vermeulen (4) was placed third.  

Twelve hole midweek specialist John Corlett (13) won his third Business Doctor Ltd stableford on countback for the second week running. His 29 points pipped Dave Bell (22) who was fourth last week. Malcolm Lambert (9) looted third with 26 one ahead of Bob Taylor (12) who had hooked second place the week before. Mair Gardner (17) was the first lady home and Bell augmented his winnings by finishing nearest the pin on the 13th.

110 members competed in the second round of the winter league on Saturday. The qualifying competition played off yellow tees in wonderful weather witnessed some splendid scores. Paul Eckersley (9) shot five fantastic birdies and five bothersome bogeys for a lovely level par round and 45 winning points including a lucrative birdie two on the 16th.

In second place Tony Gawne (16) also scored a rewarding two. His came on the 13th. It was Gawne’s second birdie and he notched up 42 points on 17 scoring holes having failed to finish the 7th. Similarly, in third place the smooth swinging Rodney Jackson (8) stroked in 42 points over 17 holes. Having birdied the 1st Jackson was jinxed by the 4th and bogeyed the 14th in an otherwise perfect par round.

John Tinsley (8) just stymied Sam Skelton (4) for the category 1/2 prize on 41 points. Terry Ditchfield (14) headed a group of six players who all amassed 40 points and purloined the prize for category 3/4. Securing the senior section Chris Blackburn (19) was one of five players to step in with 39 points. With 46 players meeting or beating their handicap the CSS was reduced to 69.

This weekend we compete in a 4BBB on Saturday and the ongoing winter eclectic on Sunday.




Attendance at the fifth round of the winter eclectic competition suffered due to cold and windy weather. Ged Power (4) won with 30 points, Stuart Butler (16) was second with 28 and Jackie McKnight (18) came third with 27. The only other finisher was Stephen Smyth (22) who scored 25 points.

John Corlett (13) was the countback king in the mid-week stableford sponsored by Business Doctor Ltd. Over the twelve holes Corlett carded 26 point as did our vice-captain Chris B Kelly (13) who claimed second place ahead of fisherman Bob Taylor (12) who hooked third spot with 25.  Our president Dave Bell (22) rang up 24 points to engage fourth place ahead of the first lady, our captain Dawn Killa. Alan Harding (15) conjured up a member’s bounce to be nearest the pin on the 13th.

101 members played in the modified AM-AM on Saturday and others were out taking advantage of the splendid weather. Not for them the pleasure of having to post three scores on the first six holes, two on the next half dozen holes and only one on the final third of the course. The format favoured the higher handicap teams particularly off full allowance, which in the case of the winners was a luxurious 71 shots.

Two teams purloined the prizes with 92 point. First on countback came Will Laughlin (15), Ian Quine (12), David Laughlin (24) and Stephen Charmer (20). They dovetailed well; turning pars and birdies into four pointers. However, it took until the 16th before they pulled level, points wise, with the second placed team who had amassed a splendid 61 points at the turn compared with the winning team’s respectable 57.

Hence, Charlie Ross (6), Rodney Jackson (8), D Ross (14) and John Stevens (21) had to settle for second despite completing the course in eleven less shots. One point back, but missing out on the prizes came Messrs: Creamore (12), Cartwright (10), Rowe (6) and Ditchfield (13).

Do you know your club speed, spin rate and face to path attack angle? No, well our pro Andy Patterson (822211) with his new TrackMan can now provide precision swing and ball flight analysis. Book a lesson to discover your data, particularly if you are considering the purchase of new clubs.




Wet weather put paid to the mid-week stableford sponsored by Business Doctor Ltd, but members are reminded that each Wednesday there is a guaranteed prize pot of £110. For the time being it is a twelve hole competition plus nearest the pin prize on the 13th. Hence, you could start at 2:00pm and still get around.

A bit of a breeze restricted takers for the club sponsored non-qualifying stableford competition which took place on Saturday. Big hitting Mark Reynolds (23) won with 36 points and he is obviously a wind wizard because he lifted the Syd Ashworth Trophy last October when it was again blowing a hoolie.

That having been said, although four of Reynolds’ five pars were wind assisted, all six of his double bogeys, or worse – there was a naughty nine and two sinful sevens – came when he failed to swing with ease into the breeze. For most mere mortals reaching the 16th green required at least a 3 wood. Reynolds’ iron shot plopped and stopped close to the pin to win the fine wine sponsored by Will Halsall of , but he is human because he missed the birdie putt.

One point back Colin E Magee (7) proved once again that wind is his natural element.
Eight pars and a couple of lucrative twos put him in pole position. Had he not double bogeyed the last - where his pin high approach shot was blown off the green - Magee would have won. As it was he completed the course in a commendable one shot over his handicap despite a silly seven for no points on the 12th.

Our treasurer, Ian Hodgkinson (18) banked third place with 34 points off just sixteen holes following two N/Rs. His six double bogeys were balanced out by pars and a fabulous four pointer birdie on the 11th helped put him in credit.

Due to the small field only three prizes were awarded; hard luck for Alan Rowe (6) who finished fourth.

This coming Saturday is a modified AM-AM and the sixth round of the Winter Eclectic takes place on Sunday.




In the twelve hole mid-week stableford sponsored by Business Doctor Ltd our immediate past captain Geoff Karran (17) won with 27 points, Michael Wynne- Smythe (26) came second with 26, Ged Power (4) was third on 25 and J D Clague (16) took fourth place with 25. Loni Vermeulen was the first lady home and her club captain Dawn Killa finished nearest the pin on the 13th.

There was a three way tie on 43 points in Saturday’s 4BBB stableford competition which, unusually, was played off three quarter handicaps. Consequently, our competition secretary, David McGuinness (5) was a busy boy making score adjustments and was also chosen as the joker for the singleton entries.

The eventual winners, ‘winter special’ members Neil Cartwright (10) and Richard Creamore (12), are certainly getting their monies worth having now picked-up six prizes between them since joining last Autumn. Their front nine yielded just 19 points but Cartwright’s nett eagle on the 14th was equalled by Creamore on the last and this helped produce a two under par back nine for 24 splendid winning points.

The next two teams accumulated 22 points on the inward run and 15 on the last six holes, so had to be separated on the final three. Stephen Keegan (4) and JJ Moore (5) finished fluently with three birdies for nine points compared to Alan Harding (15) and Malcolm Lambert (9) who stuttered in with seven points for third place.

Richard Corke (5) went round in lovely level par for 40 points and, aided and abetted by joker McGuinness, this went up to 42 points after his vital contributions on the 9th and 14th. By virtue of a better back nine they finished fourth ahead of Thomas Brook (13) and scratch player Jonathan Corke. Tony Gawne (16) won the fine wine sponsored by Will Halsall of but missed his birdie putt.

On Sunday Keith Barnard (17) won the fourth round of the Winter Eclectic with 35 points. This coming Saturday is an individual stableford and the fifth round of the Winter Eclectic takes place on Sunday 1st February. There will be free coffee and bacon baps for members who pre-register for the Eclectic and arrive at the clubhouse at 08:15 to be put in a draw for partners.





Mid-week competitions sponsored by Business Doctor now take place at Castletown each Wednesday. There is a guaranteed prize fund of £100 plus £10 for nearest the pin. The inaugural competition was a non-qualifying twelve hole stableford. William Corlett (13) won with 24 points, Bob Taylor (11) came second with 23, Malcolm Lambert (9) was third on 22 and Chris Blackburn (18) took fourth place with 21 points. Louna Vermeulen was the first lady home and Ged Power (4) finished nearest the pin on the 13th.

There was a two way tie on 42 points in Saturday’s stableford competition. Quick swinging Chris Lee (11) won on countback which is not surprising given that he completed the final thirteen holes in a brilliant two under par following birdies on the 9th, 10th, 14th and 16th.  Lee had hurried onto the 1st tee and consequently suffered two N/R’s in the first five holes. Then he got his game together, hitting it long, chipping it close and single putting on numerous occasions.

Sam Skelton (5) was the unlucky countback casualty. Similarly, he had four birdies and completed the last thirteen holes in two under par. However, his handicap worked against him as he unfortunately bogeyed the 18th, which is stroke index six, to record his only one pointer in an otherwise outstanding round.

Congratulations to new dad, Mark Jones (15) who shook off the ring rust and disturbed nights to finish third with 40 points. He started with a birdie but had a devil of a time from the 10th to the 12th where he signed for three sixes in a row.

The category one/two winner John Newson (5) hit a level par back nine to finish ahead of four other players who also scored 38 points including Thomas Brook (13) who was awarded the category three/four prize and George Ferguson (20) who took the senior section. On the 16th Steven Boyd (1) used a wedge to win the fine wine sponsored by Will Halsall of

On Sunday John Byrne (12) won the third round of the Winter Eclectic with 39 points. Kyle McConnell (13) was second on 36 and Steven Boyd added to his weekend spoils taking third place with 34. This coming Saturday is a 4BBB and the fourth round of the Winter Eclectic takes place on Sunday.




Windy weather wrecked the weekend competitions at Castletown. Some intrepid souls ventured out for a few holes but with balls being blown uphill on the practice putting green all competitions were cancelled. A qualifying stableford competition awaits us on Saturday and the next round of the Winter Eclectic is due to take place on Sunday.

The eclectic competition continues through to mid March with weekly prizes decided on a stableford basis. Each player’s best scores from a minimum of four rounds will then be converted to an amalgamated medal round score to determine the eclectic winners.   

Each Wednesday throughout the year Business Doctor is sponsoring a guaranteed prize pot of £100. The format for these competitions will vary with the first competition being a twelve hole stableford with a bonus prize for nearest the pin on the 13th. When the clocks go forward competitions will be extended to eighteen holes and will become qualifiers. This will enable our five day members to maintain their handicaps.

For players looking for social golf there are at least two opportunities each week. Every Thursday we meet for an 11.30 start with teams drawn on a random basis from those present. An increasing number of members are also turning up at the same time on a Tuesday to do the same thing. Everyone is welcome, so why not give it a try?

Our pro Andy Patterson is now stocking Adams Tight Lies fairway woods and hybrid clubs. He is also the only stockist on the island for Galvin Green who offer a lifetime guarantee on their waterproof garments. With a sale on putters and drivers this is an ideal opportunity to bag a bargain and arrange those lessons you have been promising yourself.

In the clubhouse David and Lorraine Evans are delighted with the extension work to the kitchen area and you can now book again for their excellent Sunday carvery. Throughout the week No:19 Langness serves delicious homemade cakes, soup and a selection of open sandwiches. So pop in, enjoy the wonderful views and indulge yourself.




Twenty-five teams took part in the first AM-AM of the year at Castletown. The course was in splendid condition and originally the winning team was Steven Boyd (1), Gerald Bradley (2), Chris Lee (11) and Will Halsall (10). Unfortunately, after reading my initial report they realised that they had signed for an incorrect gross score on the 3rd which led to their automatic disqualification, which is a shame as their revised 94 points would still have placed them first on countback.

Two other teams finished on 94 but with a better back nine Ross Byrne (16), Mark Teare (6) and Darren Howland (11) were declared the new winners with the assistance of a joker, Les Doherty (18), who added 12 points over eight holes. On his own round Doherty posted 36 points over fifteen scoring holes including a nett hole-in-one for four points on the 13th. Byrne’s claim to fame was his nett eagle on the 10th whereas Howland and Teare totted up five nett birdies apiece.

Recent turkey shoot winners Alan Rowe (6), Neil Cartwright (10), Terry Ditchfield (13) and John Ledwidge (18) moved up to claim second spot following a stellar front nine which included four pointer birdies from Ledwidge, Ditchfield and Cartwright on the 1st, 5th and 6th holes respectively. On the back nine Rowe added seven points from his birdies on the 10th and 15th.

Not in the prizes, but worthy of a mention, Andrew Challenor (+1) went round in eight under par after shooting an eagle and six birdies. Last weekend he had three two’s and almost eagled the 1st.

Last Sunday twelve players competed in the first round of the Winter Eclectic series which was won with 40 points by Neil Dunwell (16) who started slowly but sprinted in with 12 points over the last four holes. Posting 37 points Mark Teare (6) finished with a birdie to add to his team prize from Saturday by taking second spot on countback from Colin E Magee (7).

A two man Texas Scramble awaits us this Saturday with the Winter Eclectic taking place on Sunday.




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Golf has been played at Castletown since 1892 when Old Tom Morris designed the course. The course in its present form was laid out by golfing legend Mackenzie Ross in the late 20s and early 30s and provides some of the purest links golf anywhere in the British Isles. 
The links has hosted, among other events, the PGA Cup (1979), Europro Tour 2002, Manx Classic Pro Am and the Duke of York Young Champions trophy in 2003 and again in 2005.
The present seventh hole is named the Race Course because, there, a century and a half before the first ever English Derby, the then Earl of Derby  held the first ever Manx Derby over three furlongs. This was also thirty-nine years prior to the Newmarket race, which has been proclaimed to be the oldest horse race in existence.


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